OBBA Sushi: Come for the Sushi, Stay for the Mochi


OBBA Sushi & More recently opened its second outpost in Coral Gables, just a stone’s throw away from Miracle Mile. Located on 160 Andalusia Drive, this ambitious restaurant has its work cut out for it: The neighborhood isn’t exactly lacking in sushi offerings.

But although competition is fierce, OBBA Sushi has the quality food and staff to really make a name for itself. While we haven’t been to OBBA’s original Brickell location, this Coral Gables iteration certainly left us in a delicious food daze.

We stumbled into the restaurant on a quiet Monday night for dinner. The ample space with its living wall and calming colors makes it a place that could work as a regular dinner spot or a venue for your next company meeting.

One thing you should know is that the menu is expansive. If you’re indecisive, this menu will make you even more so. Thankfully, our helpful waitress explained the items in detail, walking us through the different ingredients on the different plates we were considering. Not that it made our decision any easier — it all sounded pretty good.

obba-miso-soup obba-salad obba-sandwich

After some debate, we settled on the Miso Rice Salmon. It’s miso soup with rice and salmon — and it’s delicious. Miso soup by itself is a favorite of ours, but when you throw in the salmon and rice, the dish takes on some incredible flavor. The light, smooth miso complemented the generous hunks of salmon well; this could easily be a full meal if you order two bowls.

Soup and salad go hand in hand, so we had to get some greens: the Seared Tuna Salad. The tuna, seared nicely and seasoned perfectly, made for a memorable salad. Our only gripe would be the dressing, which we found to be a little too lemony — a personal preference. Neither of the starters, however, could match the almighty OBBA Sandwich. The shrimp tempura sandwich is some bite-sized goodness that you must try. The mixture of textures really create a festival in your mouth — we’re considering replacing bread with sticky rice for all our future sandwiches.

The appetizers set the stage nicely for the three entrees we consumed in record time: The Brickell Su riceless roll, the Hot SP roll and the Chicken Katsu. For those of you feeling adventurous, the riceless rolls are worth checking out to break out of sushi monotony. Our Brickell Su selection — a tasty salmon, seafood mix, asparagus and carrot — was wrapped in cucumber and tasted great with some wasabi. Wrapping everything in cucumber was a smart move. After one of these, you don’t feel overly full. You feel … just right.

We needed that extra stomach space for the Hot SP roll, which gets high marks in presentation and taste. It’s one of the newer rolls on the menu, and we hope it stays on there. On top of the roll, you’ll find some toasted rice crackers for a crunch. There’s some good spice on the dish, too, that just brings the whole dish full circle. The textures and tastes just work together harmoniously.

obba---chicken-katsu-2 obba---chicken-katsu

Save room for some of the non-sushi entrees. We had the Chicken Katsu, which came out perfectly breaded. The chicken shined with the spicy barbecue sauce and even more so with the miso dressing that came with our asparagus; we just happened to try the chicken with the miso to see what would happen. You know what happened? Heaven on a plate happened.

obba---mochi-oce-crea, obba---mochi-2

The highlights of the evening weren’t the tasty appetizers or the solid entrees. The highlights were the three scoops of mochi ice cream to round out our meal. We will gladly give up our firstborn for these cute, tiny and frosted marshmallow-looking desserts. They come in strawberry, mango and green tea flavors; our favorite was strawberry. These adorable ice creams were fun to pick apart with a tiny spoon. Be warned that the marshmallow-y exterior can be a little difficult to navigate until you get the hang of it. The payoff — that decadent ice cream interior — is well worth the journey.

Overall, Obba Sushi & More is a solid addition to Coral Gables. The price point is reasonable, the food is great and the venue itself is easy on the eyes. They have all the ingredients for success — now it’s just a matter of getting the word out.

OBBA Sushi & More is located on 160 Andalusia Ave in Coral Gables. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-445-7800.