Red, the Steakhouse’s Miami Spice Menu Is a Winner


When we last visited Red, the Steakhouse, we were chowing down on a 20,000-calorie Italian feast from Chef Peter Vauthy in March. Fast forward 4 months later, and we found ourselves at the same table chowing down on another extravagant feast. This time around, though, the feast was a preview of the restaurant’s incredible Miami Spice offerings.

Miami Spice kicks off August 1 and runs through the end of September. If you haven’t already developed your plan of attack for Miami Spice, you need to add Red to your list. And if you’ve already carved out your schedule, carve out one more spot for Chef Vauthy’s menu.

Chef Vauthy proudly shows off the prime rib, which will be available Fridays during Miami Spice.

Or should we say menus: At Red, the Steakhouse, the Miami Spice items change every week depending on available products and even the Chef’s mood. When he came out to address the guests during our meal, you could tell he takes Spice very seriously. “If I can get one percent of the people who come for Spice to come back for a birthday or anniversary, I’ve done good,” he told the crowd.

Based on our experience during this mouthwatering meal, he’s already done great. Chef Vauthy took us on a culinary journey featuring generous portions of many Spice items that guests can expect.

We didn’t have enough room in our stomachs to try everything, but we did our best. Below, you’ll find a list of our favorites during each week.


Week 1 – Classic Steakhouse Menu

A solid steakhouse menu with something for every palate. Chicken, fish, pasta, steak … you name it, and it’s probably on here. Our favorites, though, had to be the steak tartar — made of certified angus beef filet — as well as the chicken breast and our new favorite dessert ever: the chocolate silk pie. Seriously, the pie is worth the Miami Spice price alone. Velvety, chocolate-ty (not sure if that’s actually a word) and nice.

FYI, our selections here are somewhat limited since we spent more time figuring out what to eat rather than just eating (rookie mistake).

First Course

  • Steak Tartar

Second Course

  • Ashley Farms Chicken Breast with baked potato and broccoli


  • Chocolate Silk Pie (GET IT)


Week 2 – Seafood Menu

What’s impressive about Red, the Steakhouse, is that their fish selections are just as good as the steaks. They should seriously think about adding fish to the name somehow. Everything was great, so we’ve practically listed all the options from this week’s menu. Needless to say, this is the week you’ll find us back at Red, the Steakhouse during Miami Spice.

First Course

  • New England Clam Chowder – loved the bacon
  • Jumbo Prawns – these were humongous!
  • New Orleans Style Oysters ($6 upgrade)
  • Flash Fried Burrata ($10 upgrade) – First time having it. Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside and delicious all around.
  • Mussels Diavolo

Second Course

  • Lobster Fra Diavolo
  • Pan Seared Snapper
  • 8oz. Certified Angus Beef Filet ($15 upgrade)
  • Certified Angus Beef Prime Ribeye ($19 upgrade)


We didn’t actually try any from this week, but the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with its vanilla rum sauce sounds like a good time.


Week 3 – Italian Menu

We were thoroughly impressed by Chef’s Italian menu in March, so we knew we were in for a treat with the dinner’s Week 3 offerings. We went to town on the meatballs (again) and the penne and fennel sausage … and the tomato mozzarella salad … and the charred octopus … and 4oz. buratta … and we lost track. This week was also home to our favorite dish of the night: The snapper picatta with cappelini pasta and caper beurre blanc.

Missed out on the Italian specials earlier this year? Here’s your chance to make up for lost time.

First Course

  • Pennel and Fennel Sausage – The sauce is so flavorful.
  • Tomato Mozarella Salad
  • The Meatball – A repeat winner.
  • Charred Octopus ($10 upgrade)
  • 4oz. Burrata ($10 upgrade)

Second Course

  • Snapper Picatta – Best dish of the night hands down.
  • Parmesan Mashed Potatoes (side)
  • Zucchini Chiles (side)


  • Cannoli


Week Four – “Red’s Greatest Hits”

The theme for this week is pretty self-explanatory. While we consider anything at Red a greatest hit, this menu’s items are comprised of repeats from previous weeks as well as some new plates. If you want a generous menu that brings together some of Chef Vauthy’s top dishes, look no further.

First Course

  • Steak Tartar
  • Spinach Salad
  • Italian Burratta (Upgrade for $10)

Second Course

  • Petite 5oz Certified Angus Beef Filet
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Truffle Mac and Cheese


  • Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding


The Verdict

Chances are that we didn’t make your Red choices any easier. In fact, we probably made them a lot tougher — all the more reason to make repeat visits for the next two months. What we experienced on that fateful night inside Red was a magical culinary adventure. While some restaurants skimp on their Miami Spice offerings, Chef Vauthy embraces the concept and makes sure diners get a memorable dining experience. Oh yeah, did we mention there’s prime rib on Fridays?

Red, The Steakhouse is located at 119 Washington Avenue. For more information about their Miami Spice menu, call the restaurant at 305-534-3688 or visit their Miami Spice page weekly.


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