Sugar Factory: A Tasty Mix of Sweet and Savory Fare


Sugar Factory is your dentist’s worst nightmare. The Miami Beach outpost is known for its laundry list of sweets, which come in both liquid and solid form. You’ll find everything from colorful candy cocktails to King Kong-sized sundaes on the menu here. Needless to say, it’s not a place to go if you’re working toward a beach body.

But if you’re looking for a sweet and filling night out on the beach, this is your place.

The entire dining experience will bring back warm childhood memories and is well worth the weight gain. We had a chance to consume 300,000 calories (not an exaggeration) on a recent visit to the newly opened dining room; only the outdoor area was open before.

sugar-factory-yello-drink sugar-factory-blue-drink

Our meal at the Sugar Factory began innocently enough with two giant goblets of colored booze: Lollipop Passion and Ocean Blue. These goblets — which are available alcohol-free for the kiddies — were strong and featured some of our favorite candies growing up; the vibrant presentation will have you reaching for your phone and opening Instagram in record time.

The Lollipop Passion tasted like a lime Jolly Rancher, which is A-OK in our book; we were suckers (pun intended) for the lollipops sticking out of this smokey concoction. The Ocean Blue was our favorite of the two, though; the mix of Hpnotiq and gummy sharks created a indelible taste that delighted our taste buds and inner child. To wash everything down, we also had a s’mores martini that we felt made a better dessert than drink; when you order this, make sure to get some of that delectable graham cracker rim in each sip.

While we enjoyed our enormous goblets of alcohol, we enjoyed the non-alcoholic shakes even more; they alone are worth the visit to Sugar Factory and can double as meals themselves. The Red Velvet and Chocolate Cookie Jar shakes are rich, thick and perfect for cooling off in the unbearable Miami heat.

So yeah, we had all of this before any food. For the sake of research, however, we pressed on.

Since the place is called the Sugar Factory, there’s a heavy focus on the sugary side of things. However, there’s something to be said for the savory part of the menu (which is equally extensive). Chef Keith Levesque leads the charge in the kitchen, where he’s cooking up a range of American fare to round out the restaurant’s offerings.

sugar-factory-salmon-salad-2 sugar-factory-fried-chicken-2

Our savory journey started with a much-needed healthy item: a salmon salad. The Romaine lettuce meshed well with the mango, onion, red pepper and avocado, which were brought full circle by a lovely sherry vinaigrette. The salmon was cooked flawlessly and nicely seasoned; everything worked well together.

Any healthy effects of the salad were swiftly negated by our fried chicken entree. The 24-hour brine resulted in a delicately sweet skin, which gave way to some very juicy chicken. Despite its juiciness, the chicken was slightly bland; the delicious house-made buffalo sauce quickly fixed that problem, though.

sugar-factory-fish-tacos sugar-factory-shrimp-crepe

Another notable dish — the savory shrimp crepe — had some good flavors. We’re not really fans of savory crepes, but the shrimp crepe did open our eyes (and mouths) to the possibility of switching sides. The saltiness of the shrimp and cheese complemented the sweet red pepper for a perfectly balanced entree.

sugar-factory-smores-cake sugar-factory-king-kong-2

Our savory journey came to an end, and our sweet culinary adventure resumed with a nice and light s’mores crepe that was welcome after our 300,000-calorie adventure; the toasted marshmallow really stood out. But what we thought was the end of our meal was just a dessert appetizer for the main dessert course: the King Kong Sundae. As the name suggests, there’s nothing small about this 24-scoop ice cream sundae with Reese’s Pieces, gummy bears and just about every candy created since the dawn of time. It’s the thing that kids’ dreams are made of.

The gigantic sundae is not for the faint of heart (or anyone with sugar sensitivity). Seeing how we were just two people, we ended up splitting this with another party. The menu states that the sundae is designed for 12 people, so save it for a special occasion; apparently, there’s also a half-size portion available for smaller parties. After this monstrosity, we were ready for a nap followed by a trip to the gym. With that said, we were content.

Nestled on Ocean Drive, it’s easy to think that Sugar Factory is a tourist trap (especially with the included 20% gratuity). If you’re able to get past that initial impression, you’ll find a fun spot that offers a flavorful break from your adult responsibilities. Order a giant goblet, grab some bites and treat your inner child to a good time. We sure did.

Sugar Factory is located at 1144 Ocean Dr. inside the Victor Hotel on South Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-604-0323.

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  • April 3, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    We visited in 4/1/16 bought candies and sundeas which were nice. However, while we sat outside and thirsty as hell. We asked the waiter for water, he looked shocked, then said “sure”. We waited an hour before leaving to gunnery door to purchase water.

    Staff not friendly after you have purchase your stuff!

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