Omertà Cucina and Theater Bar: A Breath of Fresh Air in Doral’s Food Scene


Doral is the land of chain restaurants. If you drive up 87th Avenue, you can’t go a block without seeing one. Fortunately, more and more higher-quality eateries have recently moved into the neighborhood to mix things up. Omertà Cucina and Theater Bar is one of these new additions.

As you can probably guess from the name, Omertà Cucina and Theater Bar is both a restaurant and a live performance venue. When you walk in, you have the bar, the dining area and a stage to host anyone from musicians to comedians to just about any other entertainer. On the night we went to grab dinner, a DJ was setting up to play into the wee hours of the morning. We weren’t able to stick around for the music, so we can’t vouch for the acoustics. We can, however, vouch for the food.

On the menu, guests can expect to find international tapas that fuse Latin, Spanish and Asian influences. The kitchen is led by Chef Hernando Cely, who’s no stranger to Miami kitchens. He previously worked alongside Alex Chang at Vagabond Restaurant as well as Louis Quant at Bulla Gastrobar.

After trying his cuisine, we can say that Omertà is a breath of fresh air in a neighborhood that isn’t really known for higher-end food options. While the menu features item you can find at other tapas bars, they’re done much better here.

omerta-pan-con-tomate omerta-patatas-2

Take the Pan Con Tomate, for instance. Our first item of the evening, the dish typically isn’t something to get excited about. But here, it’s worth paying attention to. The flavors really just pop, which is something we can’t say about others we’ve had. Another example: the Patatas Bravas. This traditional potato dish is one of our go-to dishes at any tapas place. Here, there’s a good crispiness to them and a rocoto sauce that adds a bit of a kick. Together, the texture and flavors create a satisfying bite.

omerta-ceviche omerta-salmon-tartar

Our meal took a turn toward seafood with orders of the Ceviche Clasico and the Tuna Tartar. The Ceviche Clasico is your standard fish ceviche with yellow peppers, lime and crispy Peruvian corn. If you’re in the mood for ceviche, you can’t go wrong with it.

Of the two seafood dishes, the tuna tartar was the winner. The tuna was fresh – pretty sure they brought it straight from the sea – and the avocado and mango really brightened up the plate and gave it some extra layers of flavor. We’d consider it a must. 


The best dish, though, was definitely saved for last: the Ravioles. Gorgonzola and pear stuffed ravioli with truffle sauce and pecorino – enough said. In all seriousness, it was a perfect balance of salty and sweet. The pear made for a sweet interior that meshed so well with the creamy truffle sauce. Throw in some crunch with Peruvian corn kernels, and you have a dish that’ll definitely have Doral residents talking.


Of course, we saved room for dessert. We were recommended the chocolate soufflé, and at $7, it’s a steal. It is a little on the tinier side, so you may want to order two if you’re really hungry. Actually, it’s so good that you probably should order two, anyway.

Ultimately, we feel that Omertà is a great option for Doral residents who are tired of the same ol’ restaurants. The unique venue has injected some life into the neighborhood’s culinary scene, and we’re excited to see what else Chef Cely cooks up.

Omertà Cucina and Theater Bar is located at 4285 NW 107 Avenue in Doral. For hours of operation and other information, call (786) 409-4793 or visit their website.