La Feria del Mercado de San Miguel: A Taste of Madrid in Downtown Miami


If you’ve been in Downtown Miami recently, you’ve probably seen the giant tent parked in front of Bayside Marketplace. Until January 31, La Feria del Mercado de San Miguel will be enticing guests with plenty of wines, paellas and other Spanish staples.

The concept is based on El Mercado de San Miguel, the renowned market in Madrid. Inspired by European traveling markets and street fairs, the pop-up version  is slated to make its way around the world — and lucky for our stomachs, Miami was picked as the first stop. After experiencing the fair for ourselves, we strongly suggest you pay a visit sooner rather than later and come hungry. Here’s why.

There’s 9,000 square feet of food to be had.

La Feria Yes, this is Spanish food paradise. It can seem overwhelming for first-timers, but the organizers have made it easy to find what you want; everything is separated into individual carts and kiosks. If you want paella, you head to the paella station. Want wine? Head to the center bar or stop by one of the wine carts. Craving cocas (Spanish pizza)? You get the idea — It’s pretty straightforward and simple.

And we’re thankful for that because you’ll want to try errrrrrrthing. Since we went for a media dinner, that’s exactly what we did. Of course, we started with cheese and charcuteries, which was delicious as expected. What we enjoyed even more, though, was the assortment of olives and croquettes; priced at $4 and $6, respectively, these bites are a can’t miss (and a steal).

These starters set the stage for what ended up being a gastronomically magical night, which involved dish upon dish of Spanish delights. The black squid paella and lamb sausages were among our favorites, and if you want great octopus, you’ll find it here. Each station has some top-notch dishes; like we said earlier, it’s best if you try a little bit of everything.

And at La Feria del Mercado de San Miguel, trying everything doesn’t mean breaking the bank. You’d think that such high-quality food would command a high price point. But that’s not the case. Here are some prices as an example:

  • Seafood paella: $10
  • Steamed mussels: $12
  • Sausages: $12
  • Hangar steak: $14
  • Sweet buttery croissants and sweet breads: $2

Compared to other Downtown eateries, this is very reasonable. Best of all, they’re open for lunch and dinner. There’s really no excuse to not check out this traveling market. With the clock ticking, make sure to stop by and experience a taste of Madrid in Miami before it’s too late.

La Feria del Mercado de San Miguel is located at Bayfront Park in Downtown. They are open Sunday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.