Quality Meats: New Offerings Live Up to the Name


Since we first stopped by Quality Meats last year for drinks and desserts on a random weeknight, we’ve been in love with the steakhouse. So whenever we get the chance to try Chef Patrick Rebholz’s cuisine, we jump at the opportunity. The new seasonal menu was no exception.

A few new dishes have made their way onto the menu alongside old favorites. Chances are you’ve seen the famous chicken parm pizza making its rounds on the interwebs, but it’s just one of the recent plates added to the menu. And as you’ll soon find out, they’re all worthy of attention.

Quality Meats' Charcuterie

But first, the old guard. If you’ve never been to Quality Meats, it’s an experience. From the super-fresh rosemary bread service to the filling charcuterie options to the giant steaks to the mindblowing ice cream — that burnt marshmallow ice cream is ::fire emoji:: — you’re in for a decadent spectacle.

Speaking of charcuterie, it’s a must at Quality Meats. Our favorite part of the meat heaven: the life-changing duck bacon. Both levels of our board could have been full of duck bacon, and we wouldn’t have complained. Another highlight was the foie gras parfait, which found itself among the first casualties once we dug in.

Quality Meats' Tuna Carpaccio with Beets Quality Meats' Housemade Ricotta with Pear and Local Honey

As for the newer stuff, we were treated to a tuna carpaccio and housemade ricotta from Chef, both of which featured some assertive flavor despite their simple looks. The yellowfin tuna carpaccio was thick cut and had rolled balls of beets for some added texture; the unexpected crunch was a nice touch. The citrus of the lemon olive oil really brightened the dish and made it pop.

That ricotta, though — we couldn’t get enough of it. Paired with pear (heh) and local honey from Key West, this dish is a triple threat. Not a crumb was left on the plate. Easily one of the best dishes we’ve had during our multiple visits to QM. A clean, refreshing bite.


Up to this point, we kinda-sorta-but-not-really tried to be healthy; New Year, New You, right? Any remaining hope we would keep our resolution fell to the wayside once we saw the next plate: a 64-oz double rib steak the size of our heads.




We cannot stress enough the size of this hunk of meat. The good char on the exterior gave way to some gorgeous, moist meat. Since the cut is one of their signature dishes — if not THE signature — we expected great things and were not disappointed. Do not miss out on the tangy horseradish cream, which we wanted to take home sooooo bad. Note to QM peeps: bottle that shit up and sell it.

Quality Meats' Chicken Parmesan Pizza

As we mentioned earlier, the chicken parm pizza was the main attraction. Don’t dwell on the “pizza” part of the name too much. There’s no crust. Well, that’s not entirely true. The crust — and dough — is the chicken parm. It’s just flattened to look like a pizza. It’s the most delicious lie we’ve ever swallowed, made even tastier with honey steeped in Calabrian chiles. Drizzle the stuff on top and feel your eyes roll into the back of your head. Yes, the price is steep — $64 — but you literally won’t have room for anything else afterward. It is a meal by itself.

Quality Meats' Apple Crostada Quality Meats' The King Sorbet

If you still manage to have room after this gigantic chicken disc, we salute you. And we’d like to introduce you to the apple crostata and “The King.” The former with its poached pears and thyme-infused honey (see a trend?) is a lighter way to end your night. Those who want a food baby should look no further than The King, a sorbet with a smorgasbord of flavors that includes banana, bacon and peanut butter. FYI, since the dessert is topped with candied peanuts, too, the nuttiness might turn off some palates. The smokey candied bacon, however, won us over.

It’s tough finding a restaurant that delivers quantity and quality, but Quality Meats certainly does. Every time we’ve visited, the portions are hearty, the food is top-notch and the service is impeccable. And with these new items on the menu, QM continues their tradition of a quality experience.

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Quality Meats is located at 1501 Collins Ave. on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-340-3333.