The Continental Miami Beach: A New Brunch Fave


It’s no secret that we love The Continental. We’ve raved about their menu before — amazing summer rolls — and worked our way through the entire drink list. Quality permeates the restaurant, from the decor to the fare to the charming pool bar in the back. So, of course, we jumped at the opportunity to check out The Continental’s brunch menu when we got invited in. What a feast.

The brunch menu at the Continental features a lot of the favorites off the regular menu like the Vietnamese summer rolls (seriously, get them) and cheesesteak egg roll. If you’ve been here for dinner, the Afternoon section of the brunch menu serves as a Greatest Hits of sorts. What’s new are the Eggs and Morning offerings with twists on traditional brunch items. Two words: Cuban omelet (ham, potatoes, sweet plantains, caramelized onions). There’s also smoked salmon benedict, avocado toast, cinna-monkey bread and a wealth of other deliciousness for the pickiest of palates.

The Continental Huevos Rancheros The Continental Brioche French ToastWe started off with some recommended dishes from foodie friends: the huevos rancheros and the brioche French toast. The former featured layer upon layer of flavor. It was a gorgeous sight to behold before we bit into it. Afterward, it became a hot, delicious mess that we couldn’t stop eating — we literally licked the plate. Okay, not really but we were tempted. Everything from the crispy tortillas to the chorizo to the cojita cheese just worked together so well. It’s worth every cent of its $16 price.

No brunch is complete without French toast (at least not with us), so we had to get it. Light and fluffy, the French toast looked simple on the outside with some seasonal berry compote, but it sure packed a punch. We were so into it that we went through two slices before noticing it came with syrup. Add that stuff on top, and watch fireworks happen.

The burrata salad that followed floored us not just in presentation but also taste. The perfectly seasoned fruits and veggies paired wonderfully with the burrata to create a symphony in our mouth. It was also a nice break from the heaviness of the dishes that preceded it — and that would follow it. Case in point: the lobster mac and cheese, a customer favorite. We liked the pasta shells and the generous chunks of lobster meat, but we liked our chicken potstickers even more.

The potstickers are crazy good. There’s really no other adjective to describe them. Maybe crazy great. Yeah, crazy great. Anyway, hot damn: These potstickers had the perfect ratio of meat to dumpling, making for a ridiculously savory treat. The hot Chinese mustard dipping sauce is worth of praise by itself; dipping the dumplings into this gooey goodness knocked the brunch outta the park for us.

The Continental Nutella Pie

How we managed to have room for dessert is beyond us (note to self: get a second stomach), but we did. When you see nutella cream pie on the menu, you order a nutella cream pie — no ifs, ands or buts. We do not regret our decision. We loved the unexpected airiness of the nutella; the crunchy elements — tart shell and cracked peanuts — were what really sold us, though. There was something satisfying about each crunch.

Unsurprisingly, The Continental’s brunch menu is just as good as its other offerings. We haven’t had a bad experience at the place (or any Stephen Starr restaurant, for that matter), and we’ll definitely be checking out the restaurant’s newest promotion: daily happy hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you’re looking for a delicious, reasonably priced Sunday (and Saturday!) brunch on the beach, you can’t go wrong with The Continental.

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The Continental is located at 2360 Collins Ave at the Aloft Hotel on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-604-2000

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