Psst: Red, the Steakhouse’s Secret Items Are a Home Run

Red - Secret Menu

If there’s one word we can use to describe Red, the Steakhouse, it’s consistent. We’ve been to Red multiple times the past few years, and it’s been consistently awesome. Over the years, we’ve tried Chef Peter Vauthy’s Italian fare, his Alaskan King Crab offerings, his Miami Spice items and — of course — his famous Mac and cheese. And oh yeah, steak.

We thought we had tried it at all, but little did we know that there’s an entire secret menu at Red. While they aren’t on the regular menu, these mythical offerings can be had by providing a clandestine password and a series of special handshakes. Okay, we’re kidding. All you have to do is ask for them, but you need to know what to ask for. We have you covered.

The offerings are extensive, and we can’t possibly write about everything (unless you want to read a book — which you don’t). We’ll just talk about our favorite dishes. Basically, what you NEED to order the next time you’re at Red.

Here goes.

Red - Crab Cakes 2 Red - Deep Fried Lobster Tails 2

Start your meal with the King Crab Cake. Do it. Yes, we know this is a steakhouse. No, we don’t care about your objections to ordering seafood in a steak joint. You will be pleasantly surprised by this filling crab cake that’s crisp on the outside and full of moist and tender crab meat. We still get goosebumps thinking about it.

The deep fried lobster tail is quite possibly one of our favorite dishes ever at Red. Sweet, succulent lobster is hidden behind a crispy exterior that packs a satisfying crunch in each bite. No adjectives can do this dish justice. You just need to eat it — yesterday.

Red - Flash Fried Burrata Red - Tomahawk Crab Cake

As you probably know, salads aren’t exactly something we eat often. But if all salads tasted like the flash fried burrata with prosciutto and wild berry compote creation that Chef Peter put together, we’d be first to line up for the salad bar. While that crispy prosciutto around the burrata negates any healthy parts of the salad, it’s well worth the indulgence.

Try to read this without drooling: 28-day dry aged certified Angus beef prime king-crab crusted tomahawk. It is every bit as delicious as you imagine. We ate with our eyes and mouths this time around, pairing it with a sweet potato fondue (house-made marshmallow!!!). That combination was ridiculously good.

Red - Chicken Parm Red - Mac n Cheese Flight

The chicken parmesan was another outstanding item — no surprise there. Chef Peter can do no wrong when it comes to Italian food; we can’t recommend any of his Italian fare enough. And that Mac and cheese flight — bacon Mac, king crab Mac and white truffle Mac — obliterated our diets with ooey gooey decadence. Note to readers: do not weigh yourself after eating here. You will be sad.

Red - Cannolis Red - Chocolate Cake 2 Red - Key Lime Mousse Red - Benignets

Speaking of diet obliteration: desserts. Cannolis, key lime mousse and house-made chocolate cake … pick your delicious poison. We lean heavy toward cannolis since they’re smaller than the other stuff; we already did enough damage to the scale. Regardless, there’s not a bad one in the bunch. It’s really up to your personal preference. You’ll be happy with your choice — we’re sure of it.

So welcome to the club: you now know what to order off the secret menu at Red. Go forth and stuff your face with these crazy-good creations that will have you shouting off the rooftops.

Red, The Steakhouse is located at 119 Washington Avenue on Miami Beach. For more information about the menu, call the restaurant at 305-534-3688 or visit their official site.