Seaspice: New Delicious Menu, Same Great View


When we last visited Seaspice, we had one of 2015’s best meals in its sister concept Modern Garden, which had its own dedicated lounge within the Miami River restaurant. Since that visit early last year, the two concepts have merged; several of the MG options — most notably the hot-stone offerings  — are now staples of the Seaspice menu.

At our recent media dinner, we got to sample new items from Seaspice Executive Chefs Angel Leon and Benjamin Goldman. While this iteration of the menu was indeed new to us, the experience has remained the same: excellent.

If you’re not familiar with Seaspice, it’s a waterfront seafood brasserie and lounge with Mediterranean and global influences. But although the menu is seafood-heavy, there’s a lot of other tasty stuff, too, including pizzettas, pasta, wood-fire casseroles and the aforementioned hot stone delights.

But before you get to any of that, you’re treated to some of the restaurant’s addicting bread. This giant, fluffy pillow of heaven is topped with cheese and has a hint of bacon that will have you breaking off pieces throughout the night. It’s so good that you’ll be tempted to fill up on it. Don’t do that because the apps at Seaspice are not to be missed.

On the night we went, there was a wagyu steak dumpling special. If that option is available to you, get it without hesitation. Boiled and then pan fried to perfection, these morsels of flavor lay atop an equally delicious edamame purée that made for a memorable dish. The delectable dumplings, however, were somehow outdone by the even more delectable Meli Melo, which is literally a seafood rainbow. You could say there was a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow (Editor’s Note: Sorry for the terrible pun) since it was one of our favorite dishes of the night. Beautifully seasoned and so fresh we thought they caught everything just minutes earlier, this seafood extravaganza was pleasing to the eyes and our palates.

We had high expectations for the larger seafood dishes, too, and we were not disappointed. The Chilean sea bass casserole put our stomachs in high spirits with some moist, flaky fish plus a truffle porcini crust and Yukon potatoes. Try not to drool at the photo.

We skipped the hot stones this time around since we had them last time, but you can find our high opinion of them in our Modern Garden review (shameless pug, er, plug). We ended up getting our meat fix with the veal ossobuco, which looked awesome but tasted … just okay. Compared to all the other noteworthy dishes we had, we found this lacking in the flavor department. But — and this is a big but — the accompanying bone marrow is all sorts of awesome. Note to Seaspice: somehow turn that into its own dish because we will order 20 of them.

Of course, we needed sides with our meal — broccolini and Brussels sprouts, to be exact. With regards to the former: who doesn’t love broccoli and cheese? Seriously, it’s a match made in heaven and something you have to get here. On a side note (lol), it’s hard to make Brussels sprouts exciting these days since they appear on Nevertheless, Seaspice did it by using bourbon gastrique and wagyu snow for a little extra oomph.

Now if you read our previous review — seriously, read it — you know this place has the best desserts in town. Those may seem like bold words, but when Pastry Chef Jill Montinola is in the kitchen, shit gets serious. The closest thing to a pastry god in our book, Jill introduced us to two of her latest creations — the Sundae Funday and Key Lime Bombolini.

Get both and prepare for an out-of-this-world experience. The Sundae Funday, which looks absolutely stunning, features so many different textures and consistencies that keep your tongue on edge. Pistachio cake, honey ice cream, basil ice cream, roast strawberries, pink peppercorn meringue, the kitchen sink — it blew our minds and ruined all future desserts for us.

Looking for something a little more subdued but just as appetizing? We present you the Key Lime Bombolini dessert, which is a staple Seaspice dessert that changes with the seasons. If you like key lime pie, you will love this work of art. Honestly, order any dessert — you really can’t go wrong with anything she makes.

A year after our first visit, Seaspice continues to impress with innovative creations that not only look great but taste great. Throw in a jaw-dropping view of the Miami River and its surrounding high-rises, and you have yourself an exceptional dining experience here at Seaspice.

Seaspice is located at 422 NW North River Dr. along the Miami River. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-440-4200.