Nobu Miami’s New Prix-Fixe Lunches Are a Must

Nobu - Lunch - Interior

In Miami, quality food doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Nobu, a name synonymous with quality, is making fine dining affordable with the launch of several prix-fixe lunch options. And regardless of which option you choose, you’re getting one of the best lunch deals in town.

Available Thursday-Saturday from noon to 3 p.m., Nobu Miami Eden Roc’s prix-fixe lunches are divided into two menus: a $28 three-course affair and a $35 four-course signature tasting. FYI: These are not small portions. While other fine establishments might skimp on size when offering such reduced-priced options, Nobu goes all in — and our stomachs are all the happier for it. We tried both menus, split them family style and debated asking to get rolled out after our meal.

Let’s take a closer look at the $28 menu. If you go this route, you get to choose one cold plate and one hot plate. Cold dishes include an heirloom tomato ceviche, a daily sushi selection, a Nobu-style tiradito and a few other goodies. We chose the spicy tuna crispy rice because carbs. When we’ve had spicy tuna crispy rice before, the pieces are oversized and a little tricky to navigate with chopsticks. Not so here: the delicious, fun-size pieces are more manageable and won’t embarrass you in front of your date. Such a satisfying crunch, too.

From the hot choices — spring chicken donburi, shojin tempura, lobster uni ikura and other things we can’t pronounce — we opted for the pan-seared branzino with shiso salsa. Sizeable filet + vibrant salsa = fireworks. While the filet stands on its own, it’s the salsa that will make you come back for more. Since both menus share the same dessert, we’ll touch on that later.

If you’re willing to spend an extra $7 on lunch, the signature tasting menu lives up to its name and then some. From start to finish, the menu wowed us. You begin off with a trio of small bites (santen mori): yellowtail jalapeno, fluke dry miso and salmon tartar. All of them were gold stars in our book, but the salmon tartar was … damn. The moment it touches your taste buds, you’re hit with a surge of flavor. Don’t miss out on the wasabi teriyaki sauce for some added kick.

Our other two courses — the rock shrimp tempura and black cod miso — are a steal for this price. With crisp, crunchy batter and big hunks of shrimp, it’s no surprise the rock shrimp tempura was one of our mid-day favorites. It’s so good that you might forget about the three sauces it comes with. DON’T FORGET THE SAUCES. The black cod miso was similarly impressive; one bite and we were hooked.

Nobu - Lunch - Shaved Ice

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: dessert. The final course for both menus is a Nobu-style shaved ice dessert, which is made up of daily ice cream, frozen Fiji water, condensed milk, fruit sauces and a few surprises. If you’ve had Halo Halo, you kinda have an idea of what to expect. When we say this is one of the best desserts we’ve ever had, we’re not exaggerating. You will not be able to stop eating it.

Don’t be scared by the sheer size of the ice mountain in front of you: the dessert is much lighter than it looks — as long as you don’t overdo it with the condensed milk. As we dug our way through Mount Fiji, we couldn’t help but love the playfulness of the dessert and all the surprise fillings (including juicy AF mango). We wish we could have taken it home but you know, ice. In conclusion, this is the dessert that dessert stomachs were made for.

Geoff’s impressive Paint skills

So yeah: Nobu’s prix-fixe lunch is something you need to add to your “must-eat” list ASAP. If you’ve been thinking about checking out the restaurant, this is your chance to try it out and stay within your budget; we can’t stress enough how good of a deal this is. Did we mention $12 specially priced lunch cocktails? ::drops mic::

Nobu Miami is located at 4525 Collins Ave inside the Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach. For the prix fixe menu, hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-695-3232.