Meat Market: The Ultimate Miami Spice Lunch

Meat Market - Meat Market

Miami Spice is almost halfway done, and we’re diligently eating our way through the 200+ menus available. If you’re trying to find a great Miami Spice deal, we feel you — having so many restaurants to pick from can be overwhelming. But we’ll make it easy for you: go to Meat Market.

The Lincoln Road staple checks all the boxes when it comes to an exceptional Miami Spice experience, and we left the restaurant floored after our filling feast. At $23, their Miami Spice lunch menu is a steal and among the best deals in town. Here’s why.

1. Options, options and more options. In our experience, many big-name restaurants half-ass their Spice choices, giving diners as little as one choice per course. That’s garbage. Variety is the spice of life, and Meat Market knows that. For appetizer and entree, Meat Market provides guests with four potential selections (six if you include supplements), and they run the gamut from delicious greens to the restaurant’s namesake food.

Of the four appetizers, we opted for a half baby wedge salad and slow braised BBQ short rib empanada. Both came highly recommended, and we could see why immediately. The half baby wedge salad was generously topped with mango, putting a tasty Miami touch on the classic, while the empanada raised the bar for all future empanadas we consume. Sorry, [insert name of your local Cuban bakery].

Meat Market Empanadas


2. Hefty portions. We love big portions, and we cannot lie. For lunch, the restaurant does not skimp — get ready for a food coma. Our recommendations: the pan roasted Scottish salmon and the MM certified Angus burger. It was a difficult choice since all the options sounded delicious — we’ll be back for you, petite prime ribeye and quinoa avocado salad! — but one bite of our entrees put any doubts at ease.

For a place known for its meat, they serve up a killer salmon. Seriously one of the best fish dishes we’ve ever had, this salmon could easily stand on its own but MM cranks it to 11 with sauteed spinach, roasted corn, mango and crunchy almonds. The result? Euphoria. As for the burger, put gouda on anything, and we’ll eat it. Put gouda on an epic burger, and we’ll devour it. When there’s nothing left on the plate, you know you’ve had an amazing meal.

Meat Market - Chocolate Panna Cotta

3. An awesome dessert. Our only experience with Meat Market prior to this meal was pastries. When we’ve encountered them at food festivals, their desserts are always a highlight. The sweet ending to our meal was no different. Three words: chocolate panna cotta. Sitting atop a praline wafer with some raspberry gel to the side, the creation was perfect — large enough to share but not large enough to hate ourselves after an already decadent outing.

We’ve eaten our fair share of Spice meals this month, and Meat Market is at the top of our list. The restaurant embraces Miami Spice instead of going through the motions like many other restaurants, and customers ultimately reap the rewards. If you want a true taste of what Miami Spice is all about, make Meat Market your next lunch stop.

Meat Market is located at 915 Lincoln Rd in Miami Beach. For hours of operation and their Miami Spice menu, visit their Miami Spice page or call 305-695-4550.

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