Bakehouse Brasserie: An Impressive All-Day Brunch

Courtesy of Bakehouse

Why does brunch have to be limited to the weekend? Bakehouse Brasserie, one of South of Fifth’s newest additions, is turning our favorite Sunday activity into a daily affair. Want brunch on a Tuesday? Craving brunch on a Thursday? This Parisian café has you covered.

Bakehouse Brasserie is beautiful. Walk inside, and you’re instantly transported to France (at least it feels like it). The clean colors and European-style bar make this cozy spot feel welcoming and warm, and one look at the menu will have you drooling in no time. While the selections are clearly French–inspired, Menin Hospitality’s Corporate Culinary Director Bernie Matz, Chef Steve Frank and Pastry Chef Tatiana Vernot have infused some Miami influence into the offerings as well.

First things first: Get the Crawfish Beignets. We typically associate beignets with sweetness, but these savory iterations pack just as much of a punch. Dunk them into the citrus remoulade sauce, take a bite and watch fireworks happen. They’re incredibly flavorful, and they’re sure to cause some friction among dinner guests; you’ll want to fight for the last one. Another solid starter was the Quiche of the Day. Our veggie-centric selection could easily be a full meal (or two).

Remember that Miami influence we were talking about? Say hello to the Duck Confit Pastelito. We know what you’re thinking: Que fancy. Pero like, it’s so good, bro — flaky deliciousness to the max. The same goes for the Bacon-Maple Cinnamon Roll, which gives Knaus Berry Farm a run for its money. Yes, we said it.

Although it’s tempting to stuff your face with starters, what we enjoyed the most at Bakehouse Brasserie were the entrees. The Country Benedict (habanero-maple sausage, barber’s cheddar biscuit, mushroom gravy) is a MEAL in every sense of the word — it is the Mt. Everest of Benedicts. Crispy potatoes and some greens accompany the dish, which you’ll probably end up taking home unless you split with another person. It’s for the best, though: You won’t want the dish to end.

This next paragraph is dedicated to one of our favorite dishes in 2016: the Faroe Island Salmon. Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The salmon is perfection. Each bite of the fish and its crispy skin brought us closer to God. Just as divine were the seafood veloute and haricot vert. We would change nothing about this dish and order it over and over again.

We’ve been waiting for Bakehouse Brasserie to open since trying their food at the Taste of the Nation festival last year. Now that it’s finally here, we couldn’t be happier. Make a reservation and see for yourself why we consider it one of our new favorite restaurants.

Bakehouse Brasserie is located at 804 1st St on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-434-8249.