Bird & Bone: More Than Just Nashville Hot Chicken


Few foods excite us like fried chicken. There’s something about the juicy bird and crispy skin  … omg brb drooling all over the keyboard right now.

Where were we? Oh yeah, fried chicken. We love it and its many iterations — hot chicken included. Earlier this year, Miami got a taste of hot chicken at Wynwood Yard from Richard Hales (Sakaya Kitchen/Blackbrick) and his latest concept, Bird & Bone. The popup has since made a permanent move to The Confidante and taken over the old Seagrape location.

With the bigger space comes a bigger menu filled with Southern favorites beyond the bird. Make no mistake: The chicken is the main attraction (and rightfully so), but you’re going to want to try a little bit of everything … and you should.

“We’d like to start with the biscuits.” When your server asks about appetizers, those should be the words coming out of your mouth. The Florida Cheddar & Chives Biscuits are baked-to-order and come with delish strawberry preserves by Chef Hales’ wife; they kinda sorta reminded us of Red Lobster biscuits, which are crack in bread form. Well, these biscuits are even better.

Did somebody say ham vinaigrette? The Bird Waldorf Salad comes dressed in that liquid gold, adding even more flavor to an already vibrant salad made up of pulled chicken, frissee, spinach, nuts, cheddar and apple. Speaking of chicken, the Nashville Hot Chicken is the real deal. Crunchy, sweet, salty and crispy are all adjectives that make an appearance on this plate. The icing on the cake, er, chicken: stone ground mustard. We’re going to let our facial expression do the talking.


Enough about the chicken, though: The rest of the menu deserves just as much of your attention and appetite. The Crispy Skin Snapper was a delight. It’s a hearty dish with a home-cooked feel, and it’s accompanied by whipped potatoes and a tasty tomato gravy that you’ll be thinking about long after the meal. For sides, the Simple Grilled Vegetables made quite the impression. They are indeed simple, but they really don’t need anything — they speak for themselves and very eloquently at that.

“We’ll have an order of the Fried Apple Hand Pies.” When your server asks about desserts, those should be the words coming out of your mouth. Just as addictive as the biscuits, these little bundles of joy are covered in cinnamon sugar and kinda sorta remind of the apple pies at McDonald’s (Editor’s Note to Self: Stop eating chain food) but — you guessed it — they’re 100x better. The salted caramel sauce helps balance the cinnamon sweetness, making it a decadent treat but not a omg-diet-starts-Monday decadent treat.

The Confidante (née Thompson) is known for its fun, unconventional restaurants — we’re looking at you, TALDE — and the hot chicken concept certainly stands out on South Beach. That’s the beauty of Bird & Bone: It’s not like anything around these parts … and it’s really friggin’ good.

Bird & Bone is located at 4041 Collins Avenue inside The Confidante on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-424-1234