K Ramen: A Delicious, Inexpensive Night Out

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See that neon sign in the above photo? That was our reaction upon trying the food at K Ramen. Burger. Beer. The new South Beach eatery located under the Townhouse Hotel is cute, but don’t let the casual and kawaii vibe fool you: They take their food seriously. The best part? K Ramen delivers both quality and value —  a pairing you don’t see often on the beach.

Sticker shock is likely after you take the stairs down to the restaurant and grab a seat. But it’s a welcome sticker shock: The prices are all in the single digits or in the ‘teens. The only things you’ll find in the $20s and above are some of the adult beverages. Otherwise, expect an inexpensive night out.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, K Ramen hails from California and serves up Japanese-inspired fare. As the full name suggests, they specialize in three items: ramen, burger and beer. So if you like any (or all) of those things, you’re in good hands. And even if you don’t (you monster), there’s plenty of variety on the menu to satisfy your cravings.

Our server suggested Chicken Wings to start since they’re a house specialty. They’re a meaty bunch and pack some good heat; their menu description (“Sooooooo Good”) hits the nail on the head.  The Fried Wonton Chips were impossible for us to put down. At $5 an order, these fried discs — basically giant flattened versions of the strips you get with wonton soup — are a steal (and incredibly dangerous).

The Tuna Poke and the Spicy Salmon Handroll weren’t as heavy as our starters, but were equally filling. The spicy salmon handroll, in particular, stood out for two reasons: a great cut of fish and a yuzu kosho aioli that made our tastebuds jump for joy.

We couldn’t leave without ordering one of K Ramen’s namesake items, and the Lobster Ramen was big enough to feed a whole family (and then some). When we’ve had ramen in Miami, a constant complaint of ours is a lack of noodles. That’s not the case here: the lobster ramen had plenty of noodz and hunks of lobster.

While we didn’t have any burgers or beer, we did leave room for the restaurant’s famous Tots with a duck fat drizzle (#yum). After the onslaught of savory food, we ended on a deliciously sweet note with three flavors of mochi: green tea, chocolate and red bean. Mochi is the only dessert option, but honestly, that’s all you need; it’s a light treat, and odds are you won’t have room for dessert, anyway.

K Ramen has taught us that a great dinner on South Beach doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Heck, it doesn’t even have to cost $25. Order a ramen and tots, and you’re good. Quality restaurants are a dime a dozen on the beach. But a quality restaurant that won’t break the bank? That’s a rarer find, and we found quality and value at K Ramen. Burger. Beer.

K Ramen. Burger. Beer. is located at 150 20th St inside the Townhouse Hotel on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-612-1153.

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