Mignonette Makes a Splash in North Miami Beach

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Mignonette, the #fuckingfancy oyster bar in Edgewater, has taken its talents to North Miami Beach. Earlier this month, the restaurant’s second outpost opened in the former Gourmet Diner space at 13951 Biscayne Boulevard. While much of the OG menu has made the trek up north, there are plenty of tasty additions to draw in regulars and newcomers alike.

“You need to try the Buffalo Scallops,” our server said. We echo that sentiment. One of the new items on the menu, this spicy starter will begin your meal with a bang. Crisp chicken skin, Gorgonzola and hot sauce make for memorable fireworks in your mouth; we weren’t sure what to think of this combination of flavors at first, but it worked wonders.

The Oysters Ciancio, which are named after Chef de Cuisine Anthony Ciancio, are served with tallow, garlic and shallot … and they’re so tasty that you’ll down them all in mere seconds (we did). Another new selection — the Gem Lettuce Salad — made us rethink our pure unadulterated hatred of farro. We ordered it because we love avocado, honey mustard and pistachio, all of which complemented the farro. We still hate farro on its own, but we’ll eat it in this new favorite salad of ours. Want something a little more traditional? Don’t miss the meaty Snow Crab Claws.

At Mignonette, it’s easy to load up on starters. With an abundant mix of playful selections and classic fare, there’s no shortage of options for diners. Speaking of options: Do you like your fish Plain or Fancy? There’s no wrong answer here — it depends what you’re in the mood for– but we lean Fancy.

If you do go the Plain route, your fish is served with beurre blanc and your choice of vegetable. The Plain Striped Bass was anything but plain, though. The crispy and delicious fish alongside some Charred Sweet Potato was arguably the high point of the evening.

Opt for fancy, and you’ll see Chef Ciancio’s talents on full display. The Fancy Cod (so weird typing that) lives up to the label: oysters, champagne and caviar are just a few of the elements on the plate. Our favorite part of the dish, though, was the yucca. Together with everything else, it just blew us away. We paired it with a side of Roasted Carrots — one of Mignonette Uptown’s new sides — and we’d drive up just for the carrots. Sweet and firm with a hint of spice — oh my.

Devin Braddock, who worked with acclaimed Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith, runs the show when it comes to desserts at Mignonette Uptown. Here, you’ll find one of the freshest Strawberry Milkshakes in town; the buttermilk will make your taste buds ecstatic. Don’t feel like drinking your dessert? Say hello to the Buttermilk Dulce de Leche Coconut Cake (say that three times fast). SO MANY FLAVORS AND SO MUCH AWESOMENESS. If you do opt for the cake, make it the only dessert you order; it’s rich.

Mignonette Uptown is more than an extension of the original concept — it’s a natural evolution. It builds upon everything that makes the original location so great — like stellar food and a welcoming vibe — and cranks it up to 11. But regardless of which location you visit, the experience is the same: fantastic.

Mignonette Uptown is located at 13951 Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-705-2159.

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