Manna Life Food: Meatless Mondays Made Easy

This goes without saying, but we eat a lot. And many times, we leave a meal feeling stuffed and tired (and wondering how we’re going to burn the calories). Not so at Manna Life Food, a Downtown Miami plant-based eatery that specializes in food that’s not only good for you but also makes you feel good.

Here, there’s an extensive range of items that will satisfy appetites big and small. Soups change daily and are perfect for a lighter snack, while the bowls pack more heft and come in both savory and sweet varieties. On the savory side, a Quinoa Tabbouleh Bowl stands out with colorful presentation and a rainbow of flavor that starts with baked tofu and ends with a goji-cranberry dressing. Diners with a sweet tooth will find solace in the Acai Maqui Bowl, a vibrant berry and banana creation that’s easy on the eyes and palate.

Feeling adventurous? Manna Life Food’s take on a burrito — the Norito — swaps tortilla with a nori wrap and can be stuffed with falafel, roasted veggies or tofu. If there’s one thing you need to try, it’s the Superfood Arepas. Made up of organic corn, chia and golden flax seeds, these arepas are super-filling and super-yummy; the PB & J is our favorite thing to order during every visit.

Of course, you’re going to need something to wash everything down. Manna Life Food serves up a wide selection of natural juices and smoothies. The Cholado — mango, lucuma, banana, lime and all sorts of deliciousness — is practically a meal in itself, while the Berries and Cream smoothie is dessert in a cup (except with a lot less guilt).

That’s what we love about Manna Life Food: It makes healthy eating easy with fare that’s both approachable and tasty. And whether you dine in or pick something out of the grab-and-go fridge (which has its own menu), you’ll feel great afterward.

Manna Life Food is located at 80 NE 2nd Ave in Downtown. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 786-716-5060.