La Petite Maison Opens 1st U.S. Location in Brickell

Photo Credit: Michael-Pisarri

La Petite Maison has opened its first official U.S. location in Brickell, bringing its French-Mediterrenean cuisine with it. Judging by the crowds, the place is already a neighborhood hit, and it’s no surprise why: a generous menu and a beautiful space.

Have some friends in town? Need a place to take family? Just want a romantic night out? La Petite Maison has you covered.

The first thing you’ll notice upon sitting down: the tomatoes, lemon and olive oil on your table. Grab your knife, cut ’em up, pour some oil and enjoy them; the trio will open up your appetite for the feast to come. The only other thing you need at the moment is the signature Tomatini, a colorful vodka concoction with the right amount of spice.

With libation in hand, take your time perusing the menu — it’s a lot to take in. In terms of hors d’oeuvres, items like the Ratatouille et Feta and Burrata et Tomates will start your meal with a bang. Both are perfect for sharing and full of flavor; the ratatouille — Mediterranean vegetables marinated in olive oil with feta — was our favorite of the two. Prefer protein? There’s a variety of seafood carpaccios to choose from, including the Carpaccio de Seriole (yellowtail).

Once you’ve had your share of starters, it’s time to dig into entrees like the Pappardelle Fraiches with veal ragu and the Turbot Aux Artichauts Barigoule. Your best bet is to order a range of mains for the table. That way, you can try a bit of everything — there’s so much variety in the menu that you’ll want to order it all. The same goes for dessert, too: The warm Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Crème Brûlée are enough to share, although you probably won’t want to.

What we mentioned above is only a small taste of what La Petite Maison has to offer. There’s enough on the menu to keep you going back for more. And by the looks of it, everyone’s doing just that.

Le Petite Maison is located at 1300 Brickell Bay Dr. in Brickell. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-403-9133.