Fooq’s Gets a New Chef and a New Menu

Miami Food Pug and Fooq’s go way back. In 2015, owner David Foulquier was one of our first interviews for the blog, and we’ve been following the restaurant ever since. Although there have been a few changes in the kitchen since that initial article, there has been one big constant: Fooq’s “feel good food.” With incredible local talent leading the kitchen (first Nicole Votano and then Bryan Rojas), you could always count on Fooq’s to deliver a quality meal.

Now that Executive Chef Saul Ramos (ex-Michael’s Genuine) is at the helm, Fooq’s “feed good food” slogan should be changed to “feel great food.” Chef Ramos has revamped the international menu, keeping old favorites like the Bucatini Amatriciana and Fooq’s Burger while adding sure-to-be-new favorites like the Local Burrata and Lamb Chops.

But before we dive into the new items, let’s turn back the clock a little. When we first dined at Fooq’s over two years ago, we were surprised to see a daily tartine in place of bread service. Up to that point, our dining experiences had always included something basic like 1) a bread basket or 2) nothing. This elevated touch of hospitality meant a lot to us, and we’re happy to see that the tartine is still a staple here. Now when we dine out and see a restaurant go above and beyond before the meal even starts, we know we’re in for a treat.

Case in point: our latest meal at Fooq’s. After we scarfed down our snapper tartine, Chef Ramos brought out some of the Mezze he’s been experimenting with. While they may or may not make it on the final menu, the mezze ranged from marinated olives and spiced nuts to split pea hummus and pistachio Greek yogurt (to name a few).

The local burrata, however, is already on the menu and it’s absolutely divine. It’s basically creamy salty goodness on a bed of greens; the dish is perfect and it’s among the best burrata we’ve had (and we’ve had a lot of it). In short, don’t hesitate to order it. The Grilled Octopus is another dish that wastes no time and hits you with flavor immediately. The tomato and bean salad mix gives the already impressive plate some added texture and acidity to perk up your palate even more.

These appetizing apps got our expectations sky high for the rest of the meal, which crushed those expectations and kicked them while they were down. Of our three entrees — the Daily Fish (black grouper), 1/2 Roasted Chicken and the lamb chops — we couldn’t decide which we liked more. By the time we licked all the plates, we still had a hard time figuring out which was the best.

All three entrees had us in awe, but we finally agreed that the lamb chops with sunchokes beat out the rest. Just looking at the chops will make your heart flutter, and you’ll want to order them 10 times over after one bite. And that chicken …


No epic meal is complete without an epic dessert, and the Almond Panna Cotta with rhubarb compote hit the spot. Chef Ramos also treated us to a café con leche gelato with Abuela Maria cookies that was pure decadence. The latter may or may not make it on the menu in its current form, but we certainly hope it does.

Chef Ramos has only been at Fooq’s for a few months, but he’s already making his mark with new and delectable selections that will make your mouth water. As a diner, you should be very excited — he’s just getting started.

Fooq’s is located at 1035 N Miami Ave in Downtown. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 786-536-2749.