5 New Reasons to Visit Jaya at The Setai

If you don’t know by now, Asian cuisine excites us. Chinese food … Japanese food … Korean food … We love it all. So it’s no surprise that we also love Jaya, the modern Asian restaurant inside The Setai on Miami Beach. Since the last time we visited this South Beach gem, Chef Mathias Gervais has tweaked the menu and added several new items that are not to be missed.

Expect thick, tasty tuna strips and a flavorful yuzu vinaigrette if you order the Bluefin Tuna. The colorful plate is almost too beautiful to eat; once you dig in, good luck trying to stop (or share). It’s a refreshing dish will help you keep your cool on these hot Miami days.

The Maine Scallops are just as vibrant visually: The mango and papaya make the juicy scallops pop on the plate and on your palate. There are some Tandoori spices thrown into the mix that just add a whole new layer of deliciousness to the mollusks.

Big parties and/or truffle lovers will want to opt for the Truffle Rice Hot Pot. The second it’s placed on the table, the smell will hit you (and have you drooling). We recommend splitting this dish with other people or ordering it as a side for the table; to call it humongous is an understatement. What we enjoyed the most was the variety of seasonal mushrooms; the different textures and tastes took our palates on a memorable roller coaster ride.

On the Mains side, you can’t go wrong with the Lamb Cutlets or King Crab. The former just melts in your mouth, and its Indian spice rub sneaks up on you — it’s a fun progression of flavors. The latter dish is succulent and buttery — some of the best crab we’ve ever had. While it may be as aesthetically pleasing as the other dishes, it’s just as appetizing (if not more).

In these new dishes, Chef Gervais has given guests five delectable reasons to discover — or rediscover — Jaya. Whether you opt for these new items or stick to the regular menu staples, you’re going to have a great time.

Jaya is located at 2001 Collins Avenue inside The Setai on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 855-923-7899.