Cantina La Veinte Serves Up New Menu Items

After trying out Chef Santiago Gomez’s food for the first time back in 2015, we were sold. To this day, he remains one of our favorite chefs in Miami as he balances his time between Cantina La Veinte and his newer concept Tacology. So when we were invited to check out his recent menu additions at Cantina, we didn’t hesitate to come in.

If you’ve been to Cantina La Veinte before, don’t worry: The classics are still there. Items like the Dobladitas de Jaiba Suave haven’t left, and that crunchy soft-shell crab is still as tasty as you remember. This time around, though, such classic dishes are joined by the likes of Sopes de Wagyu and Aguachile de King Crab de Alaska. 

The former comes piled high with Clear Creek wagyu, bone marrow and queso fresco that’s a flavor bomb in each bite. We were legitimately depressed once there was nothing left on the plate; we could eat that housemade masa for days. As for the latter item, it’s a mouthful just like its name. The king crab meat comes in a beautiful ring that you’ll immediately want to Instagram and then devour — and that’s exactly what we did. The spice and white truffle oil combined with the succulent meat had us licking our lips.

When you come to Cantina La Veinte, tacos are pretty much a given; they make up a big part of the menu. The Build Your Own Taco section boasts a mouthwatering selection of proteins, and we suggest ordering at least two. Our choices that night: Tacos de Langosta and the Chuleton Al Pastor. The lobster tacos are the only ones in the section that are pre-built for you, and they don’t skimp on lobster; ours were filled to the brim. Even more visually impressive was the pork chop for our other tacos. The massive hunk of meat lasted us two days; we finished it for lunch the next day.

There are also non-taco entrees available, but we had no room left. After our massive tacos and some Arroz Verde de Cilantro, we went straight for dessert: Churros. These beauties come with your choice of chocolate or cajeta sauce, although we found them tasty enough to stand on their own. With that said, you can’t go wrong with that cajeta sauce.

Because we only have so much stomach space, this is just a small taste of the new items at Cantina La Veinte. When (not if) you decide to stop in, make sure to bring a big appetite. You’re going to need it.

Cantina La Veinte is located at 495 Brickell Ave behind the Viceroy in Brickell. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 786-605-0819.