LaMuse Cafe: A Lovely Downtown Eatery With Charm

Dining out is an experience … or at least it should be. A restaurant can have great food, but a boring vibe or atmosphere can keep it from reaching its full potential. Eateries that are able to do both — cook up delicious fare and provide a memorable experience — are the ones that stick out in Miami’s ever-growing food scene. LaMuse Cafe is no exception.

Located inside the Avant Gallery at the EPIC Hotel in Downtown, LaMuse Cafe has quietly been serving European-inspired bites since the start of the year. If you’ve missed the place, we’re not surprised: Construction hasn’t been kind to the area. Eagle-eyed visitors, however, have been enjoying the cafe’s mouthwatering menu for months now. On that menu are tasty bites that run the gamut from light and bright to hearty and hefty.

Items like the Deviled Eggs and Burrata & Tomatoes are perfect starters. The deviled eggs — six to an order — can be topped with trout roe and other flavorful additions to fit your palate; they can also double as a meal. We love burrata, and LaMuse’s iteration with house made focaccia had our palate on Cloud 9; you can taste the quality in each bite.

Equally impressive was the Smoked Salmon Tartine. The first thing you’ll notice is the size — this thing is HUGE. Before you know it, though, there will be nothing left on the plate. The smoked salmon with cream cheese, cucumber, capers, dill, pepper and lemon is addicting, and we would have ordered another tartine if we had a second stomach.

Even the salads are big here. We’re only two people, but the Greek Salad could easily feed a group of four. Like other items on the menu, the salad can come with a variety of add-ons. However, because of its sheer scale, we suggest you keep it as is unless you’re super hungry. It’s more than enough to fill you up. On that note, don’t forget to check out LaMuse’s croissant subs aka CroSubs for lunch. The Rocky CroSub with roast beef and cheese sauce is worthy of the boxer’s name — it’ll knock you out with flavor (that’s a good thing).

Earlier in the post, we mentioned the restaurant is inside an art gallery. Expect to be surrounded by fun contemporary pieces that give the place a ton of character. Like what you see? It’s available for sale — just talk to one of the staff members. Whether you pop in just to admire the art over a cup of coffee or sit down for a full-fledged meal, LaMuse Cafe is sure to make a lasting impression.


LaMuse Cafe is located at 270 Biscayne Blvd Way in Downtown. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-400-0036.