Three: Raising the Bar for Weekend Brunch

If you’ve visited the Wynwood Arcade in recent months, you’ve likely seen the gigantic restaurant on the first floor. Three, the latest concept from Florida’s own Norman Van Aken, takes guests on a culinary journey with prix-fixe offerings galore for dinner and a plethora of a la carte choices for lunch. Brunch is no different with an extensive list of delicious New World cuisine awaiting hungry diners.

When it comes to weekend brunch, there are usually two types of guests: those who prefer savory and those who prefer sweet. At Three, both worlds collide. The menu separates items on each side of the spectrum, making it easy for patrons to pick their favorites.

Before you dive into the mains, place an order for a snack or two to whet the palate. The Shrimp Cocktail‘s plump and fresh crustaceans pack a flavorful punch on their own or in the classic cocktail sauce, while the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup will make you feel right at home — it’s a nice, warm hug that you hope never lets you go; the Shrimp and Pork Steamed Dumplings are a solid choice, too, if neither of the above tickles your fancy.

If you like seafood at all, get the Pan Cooked Filet of Key West Yellowtail. It’s a mouthful to say, and it’s a mouthful to eat as well. Each bite of the fish with romanesco, citrus butter and garlicky mashed potatoes made us want to make another reservation for brunch ASAP. The only downside of the dish: It had to eventually end. For something more brunch-esque, there’s the Duck Confit Hash with Sunny Side Up Egg. It may not sound all that exciting, but tell that to your taste buds — they’ll be more than satisfied.

Loaded up on savory fare? Balance everything out with dessert; make room for it if you have to. When we went for brunch, there was a Strawberry Shortcake available. Words don’t do it justice: Get it and have your mind blown. Seriously, end your meal on a sweet note here; the pastries are legit. In fact, the entire brunch experience at Three is impressive. Treat yourself this weekend — you deserve it.

Three is located at 50 NW 24th St. in Wynwood. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-748-4540.