Novikov: A Downtown Miami Delight

When it comes to restaurants, Downtown Miami’s reputation isn’t exactly pristine. The place is practically a ghost town after work; many restaurants are only open for lunch because dinner crowds can be few and far between. It takes a high-quality restaurant to survive an evening in Downtown Miami.

Based on our recent dining experience, Novikov is here to stay.

The restaurant’s name may be Russian, but the menu at Novikov is Asian through and through. This first U.S. location of the brand features an extensive selection of mouthwatering bites that run the gamut from robata to dim sum. It’s impossible NOT to find something to your liking here. And as you’d expect from a place that exudes so much style, everything is plated beautifully — and it tastes just as good as it looks.

Fish is fresh AF, and you can really taste that in the maki and sashimi options. Scallop lovers will be on Cloud 9 with the Scallop and Black Truffle Sashimi, while just about anyone will fall in love with the Rainbow Naruto Maki. We’re fans of riceless rolls, and the Rainbow Naruto roll hit the spot; it’s hard to describe, but just order it — you’ll thank us later.

Another standout: the Novikov Duck Salad. It’s rare for a salad to impress us, but this one sure did. The crispy skin of the duck adds an addicting crunch to an already awesome dish; it’s a fun mix of textures that had us dancing in our seats. Good dim sum is hard to find in Miami, and we’ve had some bad experiences with “Money Bags.” Fortunately, the Spicy Prawn Moneybags here are actually up to snuff with some nice spice that perks up your palate.

Ordering the whole fish is a good idea, too. Not gonna lie: Our fish — Black Seabream — looked less than appealing when it appeared on our table. But as we’ve learned, judging a book (or fish) by its cover is never a good idea. The flavor had us hooked as did the accompanying tomatoes that ruined all future tomatoes for us. Add some Baby Boy Choy to your order, and you’re set — the garlic sauce is soooooo good.

In terms of dessert variety, Novikov doesn’t disappoint. Items like the Whiskey Baba satisfy sweet tooths with a kick, but it’s the Mango Meringue Cake that had us coming back for more. Mix the mango with the meringue and cake for a flavor explosion that won’t require too many hours of cardio. In the end, the food here is satisfying yet light; despite how much we ate, we never really hated ourselves. We left feeling “just right.”

And that’s how we feel about Novikov: It’s just right for the neighborhood.

Novikov is located at 300 S Biscayne Blvd. in Downtown. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-489-1000.