Chuy’s Doral: A Tex-Mex Treasure

Big portions: Those are the two words that immediately come to mind upon seeing our food at Chuy’s, the new Tex-Mex spot in Doral. Big flavors: Those are the other two words that come to mind upon taking our first bite. If you know us, you know we love tacos and burritos. And now we love Chuy’s.

When we first heard that Chuy’s was opening its first South Florida location, we weren’t sure what to expect. Was it Chinese food? How do you even pronounce it? Little did we know that Chuy’s is actually a hugely popular Tex-Mex chain, and now they’re slowly taking over Miami with a newly open Kendall location and a Flagler location on its way. Based on our experience, we hope they open even more.

You’ll find the usual suspects on the menu, like the aforementioned tacos and burritos as well as chimichangas, nachos and enchiladas. You’ve most likely had some of this stuff elsewhere, but not at Chuy’s level of quality. The dishes here are noticeably super-fresh and flavorful: Starters like the Queso Compuesto (chile con queso with seasoned ground sirloin, guacamole and pico de gallo.) and Tortilla Soup (self-explanatory) started off our meal on a high note.

From then on, we were sold on Chuy’s. How can you not love a place with “BIG AS YO’ Face” Burritos? A foot-long flour tortilla full of meat, cheese, beans and rice is always a good idea. As were our Chuy’s Crispy Tacos, which were insanely huge. You could feed a small family with these tacos — we ended up eating them two days straight as leftovers. The Chicken Flautas, too, helped keep our grocery bill low last week; these portions don’t play around.

As much as we wanted to eat dessert, we didn’t have any room. It all worked out, though, because now we have an excuse to return — and we’ll definitely be back.

Chuy’s is located at 8001 NW 36th St. in Doral. For more information, visit their official website or call 786-646-9986