No Name Chinese Adds New Menu Items

For over a year now, Chef Pablo Zitzmann and his team have been cooking up dope Chinese food for the masses day in and day out at No Name Chinese. On any given night, you’ll encounter a packed house — the restaurant is succeeding in a neighborhood that hasn’t been too kind to other eateries.

The reason is simple: No Name Chinese is serious about good food. They’re amazingly consistent — we’ve visited over 10 times and left impressed each time — and their latest seasonal additions are some of our favorite dishes yet.

The revamped menu features items that are approachable and flavorful. Full disclosure: We couldn’t pronounce half of them correctly, but they’re worth the effort (and embarrassment). For example, the Yusheng (Chinese-style raw fish) and the Char Cui (veggie dumplings) puts Chef Zitzmann’s culinary chops on full display; the things this man can do with fish and vegetables is mind-blowing.

There’s a lot going on in each dish, but every element on both plates has a purpose. Same goes for the Mouthwatering Mushrooms. It’s a bold name, but it’s deserving of the title; the roasted wild mushrooms are indeed mouthwatering with a just-as-mouthwatering sauce, crunchy radishes and water spinach.

Not a fan of mushrooms? The Mala New Girl Tomatoes (Sun Fresh farms tomato and whipped Stracciatella) are another notable appetizer option. Side note: Shout out to No Name Chinese for offering a plethora of gluten-free selections. When it comes to entrees, we can’t stop singing praises about the San Bei Ji — the roasted three-cup chicken is so lip-smackingly succulent and its accompanying Thai basil sauce is legit. Meat lovers will gobble up the Rib Eye with roasted roots, too.

Regardless of what you choose, the Char Siu Bao (steamed buns) with brisket are a must. We don’t care if you’ve ordered more than enough food already — do it. They will change your life. Still not full? Pastry Chef Natalia Atuesta has an assortment of sweets to end your meal. There’s no wrong choice.

After reading this, you may be thinking, “Wow, they loved everything. There’s no way this place can be that good.” It is. If you know anything about South Florida’s food scene, you know that surviving in South Miami is hard. Thriving in South Miami is even harder. No Name Chinese has managed to do both, and they’re just getting started.

*Editor’s note: We love this place so much that we’ve teamed up to offer our readers a free glass of wine. Mention or show this blog to your server and say “dope Chinese food” to get yours.  

No Name Chinese is located at 7400 SW 57th Ct. in South Miami. For hours of operation and more information, please visit their official website or call 786-577-0734.