Pez Opens in Downtown Miami

2018 has been quite the year for Downtown Miami. The only-crowded-during-business-hours neighborhood is shedding its reputation of being a ghost town after 6 p.m. with a slew of notable culinary additions. The latest to join the lineup is Pez, a spacious restaurant that fuses Mexican and Mediterranean influences into “Baja-Med” cuisine.

As the name suggests, Pez is home to a seafood-forward menu. Flavorful dishes like tostadas, tacos and aguachiles make the most of fresh Mexican wild shrimp, corvina and other delightful proteins that speak volumes to your taste buds. To those unfamiliar with Mexican food, some of the item names — Tlayuda OaxaCalifornia, for instance — will draw blank stares, but this is one of those places where adventurous eaters are rewarded for their curiosity.

In case you are wondering, Pez’s tlayuda is a crunchy tortilla topped with wahoo, sea urchin, black bean spread, guacachile and watercress. It’s awesome and perfect for sharing, although we found ourselves wishing we could keep it to ourselves at our media dine. You should also get some tacos, specifically the Tijuanero. This shrimp, carne asada and octopus creation sounds like a mouthful, and it’s as filling as it is tasty.

Hungrier patrons and/or larger parties can choose from mains like Mejillones Con Chorizo aka black mussels with chorizo broth, while dessert lovers have a wealth of options from Pastry Chef Sofia Muñoz, who has crafted selections such as Taco de Elote Dulce, a sweet taco with charred corn ice cream and caramel popcorn; there’s also a sweet potato cheesecake we’re dying to try.

It’s exciting to see the neighborhood come into its own, and Pez is one of the most recent additions that’s putting the place on the map. When that craving for Mexican food strikes, we know where to go in Downtown.

PEZ Cocina de Mariscos Estilo Tijuana is located at 20 West Flagler St. in Downtown. For other information, visit their official website or call 305-570-3440.