Mason Eatery Debuts a New Menu

Since we last wrote about Mason Eatery, a lot has changed. Last year, the Midtown restaurant closed temporarily for a revamp. Much — but not all — of the casual diner fare is gone, and more sophisticated dishes have made their way onto the menu. As a result, diners get the best of both worlds.

New items on the menu include a Grouper Tiradito and Salmon Tartare, the latter of which features some tasty horseradish cream and crispy skin. The former is no slouch, though; the spicy grapefruit and honeydew make for a fun flavor explosion.

A surprising highlight of our meal were the vegetables like Charred Broccolini and Cast Iron Asparagus. It’s hard for us to get excited about veggies, but these two items did just that — especially the broccolini with green goddess and black garlic. The asparagus with bacon and parm is a meal on its own.

Not everything is new: OG Mason Eatery fans can still enjoy the oxtail pot pie with toasted croissant. But now it’s joined by the likes of a “Pastrami on Rye” entree (rye pasta + pastrami carbonara ftw) and other inventive selections. Portions are still large, and odds are you’ll consider skipping dessert. Don’t: You can’t leave without trying the deconstructed Cheesecake MIA or the adorable Icing on the Cake.

We enjoyed Mason before the revamp, and we still enjoy it. If you have yet to check the place out, now’s the time.

Mason Eatery is located at 3470 N. Miami Ave. in Midtown. For more information, visit their official website or call 786-618-5150.