The Jim and Neesie Makes a Tasty First Impression

Generator is finally open on Miami Beach! We’ve driven past the building on 31st Street and Collins Avenue countless times wondering when it would finally be operational. Well, the first U.S. outpost of the European hostel chain is here, and guests have one heck of a restaurant on the ground floor: The Jim and Neesie.

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9 Recipes to Help You Celebrate National Margarita Day

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National Margarita Day is here! In celebration, we’ve put together this fun list of margaritas that you can find across town. There are nine margaritas to choose from, and they range from classic and frozen to spicy and innovative. There’s something for everyone.

Don’t feel like going out for National Margarita Day? We’ve included the recipes, so you can recreate them in the comfort of your home. Enjoy responsibly!

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