Sweet Liberty’s Sunday Brunch: Always a Good Idea

Sweet Liberty - Brunch - Menu

Brunch is quickly becoming our favorite meal, and Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company is a big reason for that. The widely acclaimed bar — it’s topped lists by The Miami New Times, Playboy and The Spirited Awards — recently debuted a brunch service that’s one heck of a good time.

Why do we love it so much? There’s everything we want in a brunch here: boozy cocktails, hearty food and a fun playlist that takes us back to the West Coast.

If there’s one thing you need to order here, it’s everything. Seriously, owner John Lermayer and Chef Halid Quiroz (a protege of Michelle Bernstein) are not playing around; they’ve put together a stellar selection of Sunday sustenance that’s sure to make you come back.

Start with a Dry Sherry Cobbler (Fino sherry, St. Germain, honey, fresh grapefruit juice, berries) to whet your palate and then go all in on the Crudite Plate and Apple and Fennel Salad. We know what you’re thinking: “The only veggies I want for brunch are in a Bloody Mary.” No, they’re not.

The crudite plate — raw market vegetables and Green Goddess dressing — is more than just a way to detox after a Saturday bender; it’s actually a tasty starter that’s more than enough to feed a table of four or six. The same goes for the apple and fennel salad: a mountain of greens that’s perfectly dressed with a memorable French vinaigrette.

Brunch will never be the same after you try the Tuna Tostada. That’s high praise, but we’re not exaggerating. It’s a crispy, crunchy party in your mouth that turns up even more once you taste the diced bluefin tuna and chipotle aioli. A Smoked Duck Benny puts perfect sous vide farm eggs on top of an equally impressive potato cake. You won’t want to share, but you probably should — it’s a heavy dish and you need to save room for everything else (like a side of delicious jalapeño cornbread).

We’ve seen Chilaquiles on many a brunch menu, so it’s hard to get excited about them. One taste of the chilaquiles at Sweet Liberty was enough to rekindle that lost love, though. There’s nothing fancy here: salsa verde, corn tortillas, sunnyside up eggs, queso fresco and black beans; it’s everything you’d expect from the Sunday staple. But there’s just something about Sweet Liberty’s tortillas that really make us fall for the dish.

There’s no hiding how much we enjoy Sweet Liberty’s Sunday brunch. With the year almost over, we already had our “Best of” lists pretty much set before stopping in. But thanks to this amazing dining experience, we need to make one more addition.

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company is located at 237 20th St B on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 305-763-8217.