Let’s Taco Bout Tacology

“In Santiago we trust.” That’s exactly what we were thinking after trying the new Mexican concept from Cantina La Veinte’s Executive Chef Santiago Gomez. Unlike Cantina, Tacology at Brickell City Centre is a more casual affair that emphasizes street food creations but also brings some upscale dishes along for the ride. Items are meant to be shared, but here’s the thing: The food is so good that you won’t want to.

Let’s get this out of the way: Tacology is not just tacos. They do, however, make up a big portion of the menu. With that said, you don’t want to load up only on tortillas. Prepare to eat with your eyes and mouth when you order the Chicharron, a massive porkskin hanging above what’s essentially a little stage. Photos don’t do its size and flavor justice.

Another starter — the Guacamole — changes seasonally. In our case, it was an uber-fresh blend of avocado, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, onion and cilantro (#MFPapproved). Burrata Salad isn’t something we’d typically order at a Mexican restaurant, but the one at Tacology made us rethink this rule. In fact, it was a highlight of the meal. The mix of burrata, roasted beets, candied pumpkin seeds, lemon zest and caramel made our palate sing.

We’ve made our disdain for ceviche widely known: We’re tired of seeing it on every Miami menu. But unsurprisingly, Chef Gomez manages to turn our disdain into love. Tacology’s Octopus Ceviche is simple — just octopus, pico de gallo, citrus and cilantro — but the ingredients fuse to create a spectacular dish; this is one ceviche we won’t tire of.

Once you’re done with your starters, it’s taco time. We proceeded to gorge on four types of tacos. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but not so much in hindsight. If you’re only eating tacos, that amount works. But if you’re getting other items (like everything we’ve suggested ::wink, wink::), stick to two orders. And those two orders should be the Special Ribeye Taco and Shrimp Taco.

The former is a mini-Meatpalooza with ribeye, Mexican chorizo and crispy chicharron; your cholesterol will hate you, but your taste buds won’t. As for the shrimp tacos, they aren’t ordinary shrimp tacos. They’re quinoa-encrusted and come inside shooter glasses for an Instagram-worthy photo and a party in your mouth. To close your meal, opt for both the Guava Cheesecake and Hot Chocolate. Don’t let the unassuming names fool you: These desserts are anything but shy when it comes to flavor.

Chef Gomez wowed us at Cantina La Veinte, and he continues the streak at Tacology. The place is hard to miss; it’s one of the largest tenants at Brickell City Centre with over 200 seats. Even if you’re not hungry, we recommend you stop in to admire the beautiful space. Once you’ve pick up your jaw off the floor, we wouldn’t be surprised if you stick around.

Tacology is located on the 4th Floor of Brickell City Centre in Brickell. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 786-347-5368.