Palme d’Or at The Biltmore Hotel: A Five-Star Affair

When we last wrote about Palme d’Or, we were lavishing its Miami Spice menu with praise. After all, $39 for a meal at this five-diamond restaurant is an absolute steal. You know what else is a steal? The restaurant’s other tasting menus, which start at $115 for six magnificent courses.

If you’ve never been to Palme d’Or, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: There are no a la carte options. Everything is part of a tasting, so expect to spend a bit of money. That being said, the food and service is worth every penny — and more.

Opting for the $115 menu, we started our meal with Parker House rolls and an amuse bouche. Then, the real fun began. Items like the Le Caviar d’ Oscietra with smoked salmon and the L’Asparge Blanches des Landes (aka white asparagus) set the bar with great flavors and beautiful plating — a recurring theme during our meal.

Delectable second courses like La Langoustine (angel hair-wrapped langoustine) and Le Crab Royal d’ Alaska continued taking our palates on a joy ride, as did our third selections like seared foie gras with Acacia honey and caramelized quail.

By the time we reached the fourth and fifth courses — which included Alaskan black cod and an exquisite lamb tasting — we were stuffed. Don’t let appearances fool you: Each portion may appear tiny, but you will leave full. Dessert is no slouch either. Not only did we get to choose from menu selections like L’Ananas Rotie (spiced roasted pineapple, specula’s crumble and ginger ice cream), but you also get your pick from Palme d’Or’s dessert cart — petit fours ftw.

There’s a reason this Coral Gables restaurant has won so many awards: It’s spectacular. While the sticker price can be shocking at first glance, rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth. This isn’t just dinner — it’s an experience and a damn good one at that.

Palme d’Or is located inside The Biltmore Hotel at 1200 Anastasia Ave in Coral Gables. For hours of operation and other information, please visit their official website or call 305-913-3200.