Minnow Bar: Fun Flavors Galore

When we hang out on South Beach, It’s usually above 12th Street and Washington Avenue. There’s really nothing to draw us any further south, except for maybe a few spots in SoFi. Scratch that: There used to be nothing.

Thanks to Minnow Bar at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel, that’s all changed. Here, Chef Julian Garriga and Bar Chief Chris Resnick are putting out some of our favorite bites and cocktails in all of Miami Beach. If you’re a fan of good drinks and good seafood, you’re in for a good time.

At Minnow Bar, Resnick’s refreshing cocktails are the star of the show. There’s a focus on clearer spirits, so fans of gin and vodka will feel particularly at home. Many of the names are based on inside jokes, but there’s no funny business here: Minnow is serious when it comes to serving up quality libations. One highlight is the Disrespectful!, a mezcal-based creation with mizu lemongrass shochu, cucumber, passionfruit, tarragon and lime; it’s the kind of drink that’s perfect for cooling off in Minnow’s outdoor seating area.

Another favorite: the Jetpack, which features gin, luxardo bitter bianco, pear, rosemary, lime, chia and soda. It sounds relatively simple on paper — especially when compared to other drinks on the menu — but the flavors and freshness makes it a winner in our book. Fun fact: There are also delicious non-alcoholic options using Seedlip, an alcohol-free “spirit” of herbs and spices. You no longer have to order just a club soda and lime.

On the food side, Chef Garriga cooks up a variety of seafood options available only on Saturdays and Sundays; this arrangement is just until Seawell Fish n’ Oyster opens at Angler’s in the next few months. Expect selections like a fried oyster sandwich, a muffuletta and a lobster roll if you pop in on the weekends. Whatever you do, make sure to order a round of oysters; Chef Garriga uses an array of granita condiments to liven up the plate. Not gonna lie: It was really cool to see horseradish in granita form.

Once you visit, you’ll already be planning your return. Resnick switches up cocktails seasonally, and Chef Garriga is always creating new dishes, so you have more than enough excuses to make a repeat visit (or two). And if this place is any indication, Seawell is going to be a treat.

Seawell and Minnow Bar are located inside Kimpton Angler’s Hotel at 660 Washington Ave on Miami Beach. For more inforamtion, please visit their official website or call 305-534-9600.