BRB: Getting Ready for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma will most likely be hitting Florida sometime this weekend, so everyone is getting ready to weather the storm — us included. As a result, we’re not posting any more new content until the storm passes: Long gas lines, empty shelves at Publix and terrible Miami drivers are keeping us busy.

If you need help preparing for the storm, we recommend you check out the National Hurricane Center’s Hurricane Preparedness guide. Stay safe out there, and we’ll see you next week.

MFP’s Picks of the Month – August 2017


If you haven’t noticed, we go out to eat a lot. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of the best spots we’ve visited each month (and week and day). That’s why we’ve decided to put together a monthly list of our top picks. You can expect restaurants both young and old on this list — we’re always discovering new spots on our foodie adventures.

Here are our top picks for August 2017.

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Nom News: September 1, 2017

nom news

September 1, 2017

Each Friday, we compile South Florida food-related news and events that we couldn’t fit on the site earlier in the week, as well as other local news that piques our interest. Want to be included in next week’s roundup? Shoot us an email at

Here’s your weekly dose of nom.

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The Rusty Pelican: Big Views, Big Food

If you were to ask us which restaurants have the best views in Miami, Rusty Pelican would be one of the first restaurants to come to mind. The Key Biscayne waterfront establishment has served as a breathtaking backdrop for many a special occasion in its decades-long history.

The restaurant recently made a few changes to the menu, adding a bevy of new items to keep diners on their toes. Here’s a closer look.

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