Help Tootsie Get a Set of Wheels!

Won’t you help Tootsie?

We’re teaming up again with Compassionate Pug Rescue this month to help Tootsie, a special needs pug. She has degenerative back disease that affects her hind legs and makes moving difficult. Fortunately, there’s something we can all do to help her out.

CPR and MFP are raising money to buy Tootsie a rear-wheel cart. The cart will improve her mobility and let her keep up with her friends. The total cost of the cart – including shipping and fees – is $345.

We’ve set up a donation page, so that anyone who wants to donate can contribute to the cause. Even the tiniest of donations will help Tootsie; all you need is a credit card.

You can donate through the widget below or visit the official fundraising site. Know someone interested in adopting Tootsie? Get her adoption info here.