Stiltsville: Flavorful Seafood Comes to Sunset Harbour

When it was first announced that Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth of Top Chef were opening a new restaurant inside the old PB Steak space, we started counting the days until its arrival. Now that it’s officially open for business, we’re happy to report that Stiltsville Fish Bar was well worth the wait.

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Lutum: A Breath of Fresh Air in Miami’s Food Scene

Sunset Harbour has become one of our favorite dining destinations. Two reasons: In this Miami Beach neighborhood, the parking’s easy — hello, $1/hour parking garage  — and there’s so many restaurants to choose from. It’s basically a food blogger’s dream. Want to eat clean? There’s a place for that. Craving some pasta? There’s a restaurant for that. Tapas? Yup.

But what about a restaurant for diners who don’t want to limit themselves? What if I want it all or — more likely — can’t decide what I want to eat? Thankfully, there’s Lutum.

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