The Final Nom News of 2019

December 20, 2019

Each Friday, we compile South Florida food-related news and events that we couldn’t fit on the site earlier in the week, as well as other local news that piques our interest. Today marks the final Nom News of the year. We’re taking a break next week, and we’ll be back with a new one on January 3.

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Shimuja Teases Upcoming Miami Beach Location

One-half of us really loves ramen (Dianne). Myself, not so much. I’ll eat it and enjoy it, but it’s not something I crave – I’d rather chow down on other Japanese staples like sushi. There is one ramen spot, though, that we both can’t get enough of: Shimuja.

There’s one issue, however: Shimuja is in Davie. For us Miami folk, that’s a bit of a trek. Thankfully, Shimuja opened a popup at Sunset Harbor that was much closer and didn’t require a trip over the county line. Located inside the old El Grito space (RIP), Shimuja’s Miami Beach popup featured a variety of ramen options; if you didn’t eat pork, there were plenty of other options to satisfy your craving.

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