Erba: Another Delicious Reason to Visit Dadeland

When you think of neighborhoods in Miami with good food, Dadeland isn’t usually at the top of the list. It has some amazing spots — Ghee Indian Kitchen and Barley (R.I.P. for now) — but we’re more likely to head to Wynwood or Miami Beach for a worthwhile meal.

Our recent visit to Erba is making us think twice, though. This new Italian gem from Chefs Niven Patel and Tim Piazza is a winner — one that’s already doing a fantastic job at driving diners to Kendall.

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We’ve Been Out of Commission

Hey guys, Geoff here. If you’ve noticed a lack of blog updates, you’re not imagining things. I’ve been sidelined with the flu and stuck in bed for over a week. As a result, we haven’t really published much besides Nom News.

We’re taking a break the rest of this week to get to 100% and then we’re resuming with regular updates starting Monday. Just wanted to let you know that we haven’t forgotten about you.