Happy Wine: It’s All in the Name

Happy Wine - Wine

Blink, and you’ll miss Happy Wine while driving on Southwest 8th Street (Calle Ocho). The cozy wine shop/wine bar on 57th Avenue sits inside an unassuming building, and it’s easy to pass by if you’re not looking closely. Those who do spot Happy Wine will be rewarded with over 1,000 wine selections, tasty food and amazing hospitality.

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Cardón y El Tirano Review: A Hidden Gem on Calle Ocho


Cardón y El Tirano is an interesting place. This cozy, innovative Latin fusion restaurant is something you’re more likely see in Wynwood alongside more avant-garde peers. It’s not a place that you’d typically associate with a random shopping plaza on Calle Ocho

Chef Francisco Anton has taken a risk by bringing such inventive cuisine to a neighborhood that’s more about traditional fare like croquetas and cafecitos. After being invited to the restaurant and eating enough for a family of six, we’re confident that risk will pay off.

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