Wag Wednesday: David Ferree & Hank


Over the past year, we’ve interviewed many members of the hospitality industry, and one constant among the interviewees has been a profound love for their pets. We thought it would be great to share this love with our readers. That’s why we recently launched an ongoing feature called “Wag Wednesday” to showcase industry peeps and their pets.

This week, we’re featuring David Ferree,‎ Head Bartender at Cypress Tavern, and his pekingese mix, Hank. 

david hank

Your Name: David Ferree

Your Pet’s Name: Hank

Sex: Male

Age: 5

Breed: Pekingese mix

How did you come to own your dog? What drew you to them?

I came to own Hank through my girlfriend moving in with me. She was going to school in NC and saw a posting on Craigslist to adopt him. She met the lady in a parking lot, and it was love at first sight. My girlfriend had grown up with Pekingese, and she knew that she wanted a similar type of dog.

How would you describe your dog’s personality?

Hank is very much an extrovert. When he is out walking, he looks up at people passing by with a smile. He’s friendly with other dogs and sometimes flirts with the females.

How has owning a pet made your life richer?

It’s probably what every owner says, but it’s the unconditional love that the dog has for you. It’s his tail wagging and smile when I get home from work that is a form of therapy.

hank ice cream hank leaf

It’s said that dogs reflect their owners and vice versa. How does this apply to you and yours?

I’d have to say that Hank loves ice cream and sweet treats just like my girlfriend. Anytime she sits down to have an ice cream, Hank jumps up on the couch and begs for a few licks. He has a sweet tooth just like her.

Tell us a funny story about you and your dogs.

Hank likes to chase after leaves on a windy day. Sometime, he’ll even catch one that is bigger than his head.

We follow a lot of dog social media accounts like Doug the Pug and Menswear Dog. Do you? Which are your favorites?

I don’t really follow any on my personal account. I set up a Hanktakesmiami Instagram that I haven’t updated lately, but I have it following a few dog-related Instagram accounts.

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