4 Reasons We Love Chef Showdown

South Beach Seafood Festival week is almost here. Do you have your tickets? Use SoBe Seafood Festival Promo Code PUG for discounted tickets to the week’s events — of which there are plenty. Starting on October 16, South Florida’s biggest seafood event will take over blocks and blocks of Miami Beach for a food-filled few days.

Chef Showdown is one of the week’s main events, and the 2018 lineup does not disappoint. On Friday, October 19, 14 of Miami’s top chefs will go head to head in one-on-one battles to showcase their skills and earn some bragging rights. It’s one of our favorite events each year, and here’s why.

So Much Food: Chef Showdown is a party with 999 of your closest friends. That’s a lot of people. When we’ve been to events this big, food inevitably runs out — and fast. That’s not the case with this South Beach Seafood Festival event. Food is constantly served throughout the evening, and in the past few years we’ve attended, it hasn’t run out until the very end. So even if you’re running on Miami time, you’ll have time to nosh on bites from some big culinary talent. In addition to each restaurant’s respective booth, GOYA and Celebrity Cruises are dishing out extra goodies.

So Much Alcohol: Do not drive to Chef Showdown (or any of the South Beach Seafood Festival events). We suggest you get a ride or take an Uber/Lyft to the festivities, as alcohol sponsors galore ensure that you’re never thirsty. At Chef Showdown, you’ll be able to take advantage of open bars featuring an array of beers, wines and cocktails to keep you nice and happy all night long. Make sure to check out the night’s other competition while you’re there: Herradura Tequila is hosting a bartender competition that highlights local talent.

Fewer Lines: While 1000 people sounds like a lot, it’s not when South Beach Seafood Festival is in town. The festival has managed to create a layout that minimizes lines and keeps you from feeling like a sardine. We HATE when events are oversold and you can’t even breathe, but that’s not the case here. We’ve also never had to wait long for food or drinks at Chef Showdown, as the crowd control is top notch. If lines are the bane of your existence, South Beach Seafood Fest’s Chef Showdown is for you.

Non-Stop Party Vibes: This isn’t just your standard chef battle. It’s a party, and some of the contestants really BRING IT. Last year in Battle Taco, Bodega and Cantina La Veinte pulled out all the stops with dancing skulls, shots, mariachis and more. You never know what to expect, and Battle Taco between Naked Taco and reigning champs Bodega is sure to be a sight — along with all the other battles that night. Bring your dancing shoes!

For more details about South Beach Seafood Festival’s Chef Showdown and to purchase tickets, visit the official website. Don’t forget to use South Beach Seafood Festival 2018 discount code PUG to knock 20% off the price. We’ll see you there!