Estancia Culinaria x Heirloom Hospitality Group: A Match Made in Heaven

Earlier this year, two of our favorite local chefs — Phil Bryant and Veronica Valdivia — left The Local Craft Food + Drink to venture out on their own. Up until recently, they had been laying low. Now we have a better idea of what they’ve been up to: kicking ass in the Redlands with Estancia Culinaria.

For those not familiar with Estancia Culinaria, it’s a spacious 15-acre farmstead roughly 30 minutes south of Miami. Without knowing it, you’ve likely seen it as the backdrop for many a wedding and other special occasions. Another thing you may not know: They’re great at putting together their own events with Heirloom Hospitality Group (which Chefs Bryant and Valdivia run).

Last year, we had the pleasure of attending one of those events: a Sunday Supper with Knaus Berry Farm. We’ll let our full feature do most of the talking about that, but if there’s one thing that really stood out, it was the use of fresh items from local producers. This year, that partnership between Estancia Culinaria, the chefs and the producers has grown even more with plenty of dinners already under their belts and several events in the works.

One of the more recent dining events at Estancia — a flavorful multi-course Sunday affair — served to reinforce the stellar reputations that Chefs Bryant and Valdivia have earned over the years:

  • Rillettes with Big Mama’s Mustard and Cornichons
  • Long Melon Benedictine with Salmon Pastrami (Tea sandwiches)
  • Black Grouper Ceviche, Seminole Pumpkin, Red Corn Hominy, Local Mango
  • Brussels Sprouts Salad, Asher Bleu, Cured Duck Egg, Preserved Beets
  • Yucca Brandade, Smoky Bone Brother, Hot Vinegar Peppers, Parsley Salad
  • Eye Round Prime Rib, Chicory, Pickled Watermelon, Bacon Fat Yorkshire
  • Bananas Foster, Jackfruit, Pecan Brittle, Carrot Candy

The menu speaks for itself — those flavors aren’t anything you’re likely to find in Miami right now. And that’s why we missed this dynamic duo; they’re always inspiring diners to think (and eat) outside of the box. Fortunately, diners will get many more opportunities to enjoy their cooking this year.

First up: a New Takes on Southern Classics cooking class on September 19. During this first class of a four-part series, participants will have a chance to make “fancy pants” deviled eggs, “damn good!” chicken stock, and chicken-n-dumplins. You can learn more about the series here.

In October, horror fans can enjoy “An Evening with Vincent Price,” a five-course dinner that recreates recipes from the renowned actor’s personal collection — just in time for Halloween, too! Other events are currently being planned and will appear on Estancia Culinaria’s website.

Fair warning: These events will sell out. If you’ve had their food before, you know why Chefs Bryant and Valdivia are recognized as some of Miami’s top talent. And if you haven’t had their food, here’s a chance to see — and taste — why firsthand.

For more information on Estancia Culinaria, visit their official website.