Pubbelly Sushi Opens New Brickell Location

Earlier this month, the heavily anticipated Pubbelly Sushi at Brickell City Centre opened its doors. Led by Executive Chef Jorge Mijangos, this outpost marks the Pubbelly Boys’ latest venture on the mainland after Downtown Miami’s PB Station and Pawn Broker.

Fans of the original PB Sushi location in Sunset Harbour will find many of their favorite rolls alongside new additions that are sure to become favorites as well. Here’s a closer look at the menu.

Pubbelly Sushi is all about sharing, which is great since you’ll want to try a little bit from each section; it’s recommended that each person orders 2-3 dishes each. The quintessential Pubbelly Sushi experience begins with a classic: Tuna Pizza. While newcomers might be taken aback by the name, one bite is enough to understand why it’s so popular. The pizza’s delectable combination of crispy tortilla, garlic aioli, truffle oil and super-fresh tuna is the perfect way to start your dining experience.

The Tostones with Ceviche — one of our personal faves — grabs you by the taste buds immediately and makes you wonder what culinary sorcery was used to develop this perfect dish. We’re tired of seeing ceviche on every Miami menu in one shape or another, but not here; there will be nothing left on your plate — guaranteed.

As you know, we eat a lot. Every so often, we come across a dish that completely floors us. The first dish to do that in 2017: The Butter Crab Roll. If “Crack on a Plate” was actually a dictionary entry, a photo of the roll would appear right next to the definition. Dunk the roll into the warm clarified butter dip — really get it in there — and enjoy. You’ll start hearing angels sing … it’s that good.

We’ve been talking a lot about seafood thus far, but meat lovers have plenty of reasons to rejoice as well. Case in point: the hefty Pork Belly from the Robata Grill offerings. On the Vegetable side, the Japanese Eggplant (red miso, garlic chips, chives, sesame) is a must. It’s a huge portion, and you get more than your money’s worth in flavor as well.

Chef Maria Orantes is Pubbelly’s pastry queen, and don’t be surprised if her Miso Bread Pudding ruins all other desserts for you. Chocolately, peanut buttery deliciousness x 10000. We didn’t have room for anything else, but you can definitely count on us coming back for the Mochi.

If you’ve been to Pubbelly Sushi on Miami Beach, you know what to expect at this location: stunning sharing plates that actually fill you up. We can’t tell you how often we walk out of a “family-style” concept still hungry. Thankfully, Pubbelly Sushi’s newest outpost continues to deliver the quality and quantity of the original. The only sad part about our meal? It had to end.

Pubbelly Sushi is located at 701 S Miami Ave #421 in Brickell City Centre. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 786-899-5038.

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