Miami Spice at Katsuya: An Exceptional Value

When we search for good Miami Spice deals, we look at several factors. For us, value and variety are two of the most important things (besides taste, of course). Katsuya’s Miami Spice menu checks off all these boxes. Not only do you get four dishes instead of the usual three, but you get a handful of options for each course. Plus, the Spice menu costs you a portion of what the a la carte price would be.

This is why we can’t recommend Katsuya enough.

Throughout the menu, you’ll find Katsuya staples alongside Spice-specific plates. For appetizers, the popular Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna and its deep flavors make an appearance as does the Watermelon Ceviche, a refreshing special from Chef Yoshi Migita. Think hefty cubes of fish with ice that melts into a tasty “broth.” It’s worth it for the Instagram shot alone. Other appetizer options for Miami Spice include Rock Shrimp, Snapper Tiradito and Wagyu Gyoza (+$5).

Like we mentioned earlier, expect four courses instead of three. When it comes to mains, you pick one dish from the Chukan menu and one from the Robata/Sushi Bar menu. In the Chukan section, there are bites like Short RibStriped Bass, and Chicken Karaage.

We opted for the first two: The beautifully plated short rib chunks instantly makes your palate perk up — so much so that you’ll be too enamored to remember to cut them into smaller pieces (we learned the hard way). As for the striped bass: The fish stands on its own, but frying it in buttermilk and using a delicious garlic Szechuan sauce was the best idea ever.

From the Robata/Sushi Bar menu, the Sushi or Sashimi Combination is a must. It’s just as big as the main you just consumed, so pace yourself. Our super-fresh sushi selections came with nigiri as well; it’s some of the best we’ve ever had. Although the Filet and Foie might sound heavy — especially after having just consumed short rib or bass — the dish is a lot lighter than you’d think. The filet and foie come on skewers, and the flavors complement each other seamlessly. You’ll be dreaming about that tender steak long after your meal.

Because Katsuya knows you’re full at this point, there are two dessert options and both are not super-decadent. You can either choose the Donuts (Coco Lopez sauce, passionfruit coulis) or the Sake Mousse Parfait (black sesame sponge cake) for a slight upcharge. If you’re a party of 2 or more, your best bet is to try both.

Katsuya delivers in value, variety and flavor. For $39, you get a TON of food at an excellent restaurant. Whether you’re a Katsuya regular or a first-timer, this Miami Spice menu is one deal you don’t want to miss.

Katsuya is located inside the SLS South Beach at 1701 Collins Ave on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and their Miami Spice menu, please visit their Miami Spice page or call 305-455-2995.