Pubbelly Sushi Expands to Downtown Dadeland

Pubbelly Sushi continues its dominance of South Florida’s food scene with a new location in Downtown Dadeland. This location joins outposts in Brickell, Miami Beach, American Airlines Arena and Aventura Mall. If you’ve been to any of the other locations, expect the same consistent quality.

This latest branch of the Pubbelly Sushi brand features all the delicious selections of its sister locations. As a result, our glowing Brickell review still stands. Beloved items like the Tuna Tartare and Rock Shrimp Tempura make an appearance, as does one of our favorite dishes of all time: the Butter Krab Roll. We’ve had it so many times before and its flavors continue to blow our minds each time. There’s just something about dipping the roll in that warm clarified butter. Ugh, we want one right now.

Speaking of rolls, there’s no shortage of them here. Whether you want something on the lighter side or the heavier side, PB Sushi has you covered with the Yellowtail Roll (green soy paper, truffled yuzu, kanikama, nori tempura flakes), Hamachi G Roll (hamachi tartare, crispy garlic, cucumber, avocado, chili oil) and an assortment of other satisfying choices. Robata items are also available for those not in the mood for sushi.

Regardless of your main selections, this is one place where you have to get dessert. In the past, we’ve opted for the Chocolate Miso Bread Pudding and we’ve never regretted it. This time around, our server recommended the Mason Jar, a matcha/miso creation that’s among the best ice cream desserts we’ve devoured. It’s big, so make sure you have someone to share it with.

With this new location, Pubbelly Sushi adds to Downtown Dadeland’s strong restaurant roster. We love seeing local brands succeed, and PB Sushi’s expansion is just getting started. Diners are in for a treat.

Pubbelly Sushi is located in Downtown Dadeland at 8970 SW 72nd Pl. in South Miami. For hours of operation and more information, please visit their official website or call 786-369-5472.