MFP’s Picks of the Month – October 2018

If you haven’t noticed, we go out to eat a lot. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of the best spots we’ve visited each month (and week and day). That’s why we’ve decided to put together a monthly list of our top picks. You can expect restaurants both young and old on this list — we’re always discovering new spots on our foodie adventures.

Here are our top picks for October 2018.

OOH RAW! Poke + Juice Bar

With the New Year just around the corner, new healthy dining options are welcome. One of our favorite new finds is OOH RAW!, a fast-casual poke spot that serves up colorful bowls of proteins, veggies … and Fruity Pebbles. Yes, that last one is an actual topping here at OOH RAW!, and there are a ton more to satisfy even the most discerning of diners.

Prices are in line with other poke spots in the area (in the teens), but the one extra you get here is quality — these bowls contain some of the freshest ingredients we’ve encountered. Chef Dustin Atoigue (ex-Mondrian) has outdone himself.

La Pollita

La Pollita, a food truck home to one of our fave chicken sandwiches, is a little hard to spot in the Design District. But visitors who manage to come across its nook will be treated some tasty tacos. Priced individually, these tortillas of joy can be filled with flavorful items like chicken tinga, carne asada and more. Our suggestion: get two tacos and the chicken sandwich, which comes with pickled slaw, avocado and a Valentina aioli. The sandwich can get a little messy, but the mess is worth it.

Stanzione 87

Brickell City Centre overshadows every other building in the vicinity. It’s a shame because it takes away foot traffic from neighbors like Stanzione 87, which definitely deserves your attention. The unassuming pizza place has made a reputation for itself with a variety of pies that are perfect for any occasion: a quick lunch bite, a nightcap or a fun dinner with friends/family.

It’s the kind of place that’ll keep you coming back for more, especially with a menu that includes everything but the kitchen sink. The Bufalina with bufala mozzarella is a good starting point, and so is the Calzone stuffed with ricotta, salami, ham and so much more. Just make sure to balance all those carbs with a Chopped or Mixed Salad.