RED, the Steakhouse: An Impressive Miami Spice Feast

When it comes to Miami Spice, the  menu at Red, the Steakhouse South Beach pulls no punches. Chef Peter Vauthy and his team rotate the Spice menu regularly to keep guests on their toes. Through September 30, diners can expect a unique experience during each visit to the steakhouse.

Here are a few reasons we can’t recommend the place enough.

  1. Tons of options. In a sea of over 200 menus, Red’s offerings are varied and plentiful. While some places offer one or two options per course, the steakhouse offers at least a handful for most courses. This is especially awesome for big parties, where you can order a ton of food for the table. Variety is the spice of life, and Red understands this.
  2. Everything is huge. From appetizer to dessert, Red generously fills your plate with large portions. You’re guaranteed to leave stuffed, even if you order something like the Classic Caesar. Another example: the gigantic Chicken Parm, which can easily feed two to three people. Other hearty (and tasty) dishes include a Berkshire Pork Chop, a Crab-Stuffed Flounder and Lobster Fra Diavolo.
  3. Themed weeks keep things interesting. We already mentioned that the Miami Spice menu rotates regularly, but did you know that each week is themed, too? One week, you might stumble upon an Italian menu with Bucatini Pasta and Burrata. Another week, you’ll come across a seafood menu with King Crab Cakes and Surf & Turf. Once you try one menu, it’s likely you’ll be back for more.
  4. Desserts are spectacular. When you think of a steakhouse, traditional desserts like chocolate cake usually come to mind. While those are available here, Pastry Chef Emily Bailey likes to get a little more creative. Think Fruity Pebbles Panna Cotta, Donut Fries and Nutella Cheesecake. Leave your diet at the door.
  5. Miami Spice is available every day. Yes, you read that correctly. Miami Spice is available every day for dinner. What are you waiting for? Go make a reservation.

Red, The Steakhouse is located at 119 Washington Ave on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and their Miami Spice menu, visit their Miami Spice page or call 305-534-3688.