Looking Back on the 2016 Youth Fair Foodie Awards

The Youth Fair

Dianne here. When I think of the Youth Fair I think of three things: carnival rides, school projects, and most importantly, food on a stick. Last year was the first time I got to experience the fried deliciousness the fair has to offer. Yes, I have lived in Miami for 11 years and I went to the fair for the first time last year — stop judging me. Anyway, when we were given the opportunity to try out and judge all sorts of fair food, we jumped at it.

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Carrabba’s New Menu Offers a Tasty Take on Italian Food


We have a soft spot for Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Growing up, we found ourselves there for many a family occasion. Graduations, birthdays and other milestones were celebrated at the notable national chain.

Before our most recent visit this past week, it had been years since we last set foot inside the restaurant. After last week’s visit to check out the newly launched menu, we’ll definitely be back a lot sooner.

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#FindMeAHomeFriday: Gina – Magic City Pizza

Chicken Parmesan from Magic City Pizza in Westchester

Gina is 9 years old and a total love bug. Her owner passed away, and the family left her at Animal Control. She’s a mellow, snuggly, cuddly girl who gives LOTS of kisses and is house-trained!

The vet says it’s obvious she was well cared for, but she does have severe arthritis in her hips and knees which slows her down a bit. She’s on anti- inflammatories and a pain medication to help her feel better. She is up and walking around a bit now, but does need to be watched around stairs.

Her perfect family is one where they are around often, not away from the house for more than 2-3 hours, no young children, and are able to keep up with her therapy as they work through this arthritis together.

For more information on this sweet girl, visit her adoption page.


#FindMeAHomeFriday is a campaign by Compassionate Pug Rescue and Miami Food Pug to help South Florida pugs find a forever home. Each Friday in September, we will be photoshopping a rescue pug available for adoption into an MFP food picture. For more details on the original campaign, visit the campaign page.