#FindMeAHomeFriday: Gina – Magic City Pizza

Chicken Parmesan from Magic City Pizza in Westchester

Gina is 9 years old and a total love bug. Her owner passed away, and the family left her at Animal Control. She’s a mellow, snuggly, cuddly girl who gives LOTS of kisses and is house-trained!

The vet says it’s obvious she was well cared for, but she does have severe arthritis in her hips and knees which slows her down a bit. She’s on anti- inflammatories and a pain medication to help her feel better. She is up and walking around a bit now, but does need to be watched around stairs.

Her perfect family is one where they are around often, not away from the house for more than 2-3 hours, no young children, and are able to keep up with her therapy as they work through this arthritis together.

For more information on this sweet girl, visit her adoption page.


#FindMeAHomeFriday is a campaign by Compassionate Pug Rescue and Miami Food Pug to help South Florida pugs find a forever home. Each Friday in September, we will be photoshopping a rescue pug available for adoption into an MFP food picture. For more details on the original campaign, visit the campaign page.