Coyo Taco Brings Tasty Tacos and Tortas to Brickell

Coyo Taco - Brickell - Welcome

Brickell residents and visitors have a new place to get their taco fix: Coyo Taco. The Wynwood eatery opened a second location at Axis Brickell (1111 SW 1st Avenue) back in May, bringing its beloved Mexican street food experience across town. Guests can expect many of the classics from the original outpost, plus several items specific to the Brickell branch.

When we’re in Brickell and in the mood for Mexican food, we usually think of Cantina La Veinte. However, that’s not a place we can afford to eat at every day … but Coyo Taco is. Having visited Coyo’s Wynwood location and the now-defunct Shore Club location, we know to expect quality food at a reasonable price point.

For us, Coyo Taco is just what the neighborhood needs: a reliable fast-casual Mexican restaurant that won’t break the bank and is open late. And now with even more delicious items on the menu, it’s no surprise that Coyo has quickly become a neighborhood favorite.

Coyo Taco - Brickell - Pollo Milanesa Torta

The first thing you’ll notice about the new location is the size. If you’re used to the Wynwood outpost — which can get extremely crowded — you’ll be happy to know that this place is significantly larger. You’re going to need that extra space to stretch out for the new tortas, which are exclusive to this location.

You’ve probably seen these monster sandwiches all over social media taking up your entire screen. Well, the camera didn’t add 10 pounds to these babies; they’re that big. Served on a bolillo roll with all the Mexican fixin’s, these things are a steal at $10 or less; you could split them between two people, get a couple tacos for the table and call it a day. But trust us: you won’t want to. The Pollo Milanesa torta (crispy breaded chicken breast) is life.


As for tacos, staples from the Wynwood location like the pollo al carbon (grilled chicken, queso, pico de gallo) and al pastor (pork, roasted pineapple, onion) make a reappearance. But we know what you’re here for: the new stuff. The pulpo frito trades the charred octopus, salsa veracruzana and pickled jalapeños from the Wynwood version for crispy masa crusted octopus, avocado, radish and aji amarillo aioli. The result? Fireworks.

The grouper frito (modelo beer battered florida grouper, roasted jalapeño aioli, avocado) has a satisfying crunch and is brimming with flavors complemented oh-so-nicely by the salsa bar selections (pro tip: get them all). Both the barbacoa de res (low roasted adobo marinated short rib, queso fresco, salsa chipotle) and carnitas de pato (michoacán style duck confit, serrano salsa, red onion, cotija) just pop; the combination of ingredients in each work together so damn well.

Don’t stuff your face with just tacos and tortas, though, because then you’ll miss out on their signature guacamole (need that recipe ASAP), elote (corn on the cob + chipotle aioli + cotija = happy food pugs) and churros, all of which are worth ordering. Today. Right now. Just kidding (maybe).

Having a Coyo closer to home is a godsend. While our diets may not approve, our palates certainly do. The tortas live up to the hype, the new tacos are fire, and the guac and other small bites are as delicious as ever. Our Taco Tuesdays will never be the same.

Coyo Taco Brickell is located at 1111 SW 1st Ave. in Brickell. For hours of operation and other information, visit their official website or call 786-773-3337.