#FindMeAHomeFriday: Niko – Bianco Gelato

Pineapple Peppermint Granita from Bianco Gelato in Coconut Grove

Meet Niko! His former family left him at the shelter in bad shape. He had a large growth on his eyelid, dental disease, and spinal problems. But CPR got the growth removed and his teeth cleaned. He’s a sweet, laidback man. He’s a bit protective of his food so he gets fed in his crate.  For more information on this chill pug, visit his adoption page.


#FindMeAHomeFriday is a campaign by Compassionate Pug Rescue and Miami Food Pug to help South Florida pugs find a forever home. Each Friday in June, we will be photoshopping a rescue pug available for adoption into an MFP food picture. For more details on the original campaign, visit the campaign page