Cecconi’s: A Tasty Miami Spice Surprise

With Miami Spice wrapping up in less than a month, figuring out where to eat has become even harder. The time crunch means that you really can’t waste any time with ho-hum menus — you should only be picking the best spots. And one of those spots is Cecconi’s.

Located at Soho Beach House on SoBe, Cecconi’s is known for its Italian cuisine (and the fact that you don’t need a membership to eat here). While its Miami Spice menu is concise, it makes up for the lack of options with delicious flavors and ample portions. For example, appetizers like a Burrata with tomato and avocado and a Beef Tartare with quail egg are a lot more complex and noteworthy than the menu descriptions lead on.

Same goes for the entrees: There’s no wrong choice when you’re picking between the restaurant’s sizable Branzino or the hefty Pappardelle with lamb ragu. Both will satisfy your tastebuds with enough food leftover to use as a meal the next day. Dessert was chef’s choice — in this case, a Coconut Flan or Chocolate Mousse — and both did the trick for appeasing our sweet tooth.

To be perfectly honest, we didn’t know what to expect when we made our reservation at Cecconi’s. When you read the menu offerings, it all sounds so … normal. But looks are deceiving: Everything we had was very well done and well worth the money. The offerings may not sound exciting at first, but your opinion will quickly change once you actually try the food.

And you certainly should; the Miami Spice menu is a tremendous value, as a regular bill at this place can cost quite a bit more. So hurry in and take advantage while you can!

Cecconi’s is located at 4385 Collins Ave inside Soho Beach House on Miami Beach. For hours of operation and their Miami Spice menu, visit their Miami Spice page or call 786-507-7902.